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“The Handmaid’s Tale” costume is popping into the brand new go-to protest apparel for ladies. In the Hulu present, the handmaids are compelled to put on the crimson cloak and bonnet as a logo of oppression in a male-dominated society. In actuality, some girls are carrying the uniform as an indication of protest. The present and costumes turned a trending matter on Twitter after girls in crimson confirmed up to protest the controversial abortion invoice that simply handed the Senate in Alabama successfully banning the process.


  1. They spent more time making those cosplays than they did to understand that they could say no to sex if they don't want babies.
    Btw if they try to bring in rape to the argument, we have the 2nd amendment for a reason.

  2. it's funny that y'all think Survivors will just give up and let you keep forcing your rapey religious views and fascist police state laws on our bodies with no backlash. #timesup

  3. Abortion is a right. If a woman gets raped and she gets pregnant she has to keep that memory and raise that memory of being violated. And accidents happen but you always try to fix that accident rather than live with it and regret it

  4. Use birth control or condoms if you dont want a baby its not that hard babies didnt ask to be made thats a decision you make when you decide to have unprotected sex babies shouldnt pay the consequences for women being irresponsible

  5. Abortion is wrong I will say abortion is only allowed in a certain event where the women was raped or incest happened but other than that abortion should be illegal


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