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  1. I used to have a really nice vintage shirt that was a full or 3/4 circle, with arm holes like the one at 7:40 but buttoned up the front and with a classic stand collar. Id love to recreate it after seeing this

  2. I feel like these garments would be fabulous for pregnancy when you feel so unwieldy and towards the end NOTHING fits anymore. It would be nice to feel flowy, especially in the summer.

  3. I absolutly love the circle shirt with those cute fluffy sleeves. I have to look through my fabric for a soft cotton for a summershirt I can simply put on when it is hot.

  4. You're so beautiful that everything looks good on you! (God bless!). You inspire me to do more sewing though, THANK YOU! <3

  5. Love the circle shirt and dress together and your creativity. I have a circle shirt like the dress with triangles and small straps and its one of my favorites.

  6. The aesthetic sense I had was something like. grown up fairytale.
    Modern Red Riding Hood.
    Probably due to the lightness of the fabric weight and the impression of simplicity. The accessories add an adult flair.
    I might be out in the weeds on this one though

  7. Your short hair and jewelry at the start of the video were giving me big-time Enya vibes.

    I LOVE circle clothing in general, and it is a great tragedy that my waistline and height are such that any skirt or dress has to be pieced (and is therefore much more expensive). I do really want to try the circle coat/cape and vest/cape, though. Also loving the shirt. I was originally doubting the sleeve holes, but the new sleeves are lovely!

  8. I have 2 full circle capes with half circle hoods. I absolutely love them and wear them as long as I can in the fall until I have to trade my polar fleece for Goretex and batten down the fashion hatches for winter. I will def be trying the circle top with flowy elbow length sleeves.

  9. The first shirt reminded me of a great piece I had in 8th grade dubbed "the taco shirt" πŸ˜‚ It was definitely a smaller circle that went to my elbows and hip tops, and had some seams for torso differentiation. Very cool!!!

  10. Dang I had no idea making nice clothes could be so simple! Definitely gonna try this out someday!
    (just to clarify when I say simple I mean how it's all basic shapes and not a whole lot of cutting and tailoring but it's still so versatile and aesthetic…. I'm slowly looking to figure out my own style and this has the sort of vibes i'm going for haha…)

  11. I'll be honest, the coral slipdress was actually my favorite of the bunch! I soon realized that with the weather warming up this week (in the south) I'm in need of a good sun dress. I'm off to Jo-Ann to buy some linen to try this out for myself! Thank you!

  12. I did something similar but with squares. I was surprised at how freeing it was, but also limiting, and how I had to work around that to create something that fit, and covered what needed to be covered. It is fun.

  13. I loved all the ideas you explored here! Thanks for sharing them with us and I actually really liked your circle dress!

    Also loved the nod to your oldest bra video with the "is there a medieval swimsuit?" comment.

  14. It is so freeing to watch you just experiment and play. I get so stressed about β€œfailing” during sewing projects, so this was a breath of fresh air to just have fun! It’s the climb and not the destination lol

  15. this is video 4 now and I think you got a new subscriber – you make it so much fun to change – especially the hair one!
    new binge watch coming on LOL

  16. Circles like you were playing with made me want to play around with some sweater patterns I'm crocheting. They start with a circle and are made from the neck down in a circle. When you get to a certain point you stop and make chains under the arm and then make the garment the size of the body. I would suggest finding some tutorials on here to see how they're done to give you ideas. knitcroaddict has a sweater or two that would show you what I mean. Nice job playing. It's how the best things come about.


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