The idea of “business casual” as an workplace costume code has been steadily gaining reputation for years. But not everybody agrees on what sort of garments qualify. So we hit the streets to search out out, what’s enterprise informal, and the place can we draw the road?

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  1. Dear Fast Co. team: Thumbs Up = Great interviews, Thumbs Down = no conclusion or orientation from your part. It was like taking a quiz, but never getting to know the correct answer. After the 2mins 50ss, I am still wondering what is the "business casual dress code".

  2. I never, ever look nice during job interviews. In my experience, the schlubby I look, the more impressive I come off to potential employers. I wear sweatpants, flannel shirts, baseball caps, and sneakers to a job interview or meeting and I usually get a job offer. I work in media BTW. Haha!


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