Since you have been asking for some informal outfits for fairly a while now, I thought I’d put collectively a video of what I wore this (er, final) week. Monday by means of Sunday, I hope you take pleasure in my informal fall outfits! Outfit particulars beneath…

▪ Barbour Lowerdale Vest →
▪ Pini Parma Turtleneck →
▪ J.Crew Jeans →
▪ Omega Speedmaster →
▪ Bostonian Boots →

▪ Lululemon Jacket →
▪ Lululemon Shirt →
▪ Lululemon Joggers →
▪ Vilbrequin Hat →
▪ A. Lange & Söhne Datograph →
▪ Koio Sneakers →

▪ Barbour Ashby Jacket →
▪ Goorin Bros. Hat (comparable) →
▪ Uniqlo Shirt →
▪ RRL Jeans →
▪ Drake’s Scarf (previous, comparable) →
▪ Omega Speedmaster →
▪ Bostonian Boots →

▪ Barbour Lowerdale Vest →
▪ Howe Shirt (comparable) →
▪ J.Crew Jeans →
▪ A. Lange & Söhne Datograph →
▪ Koio Sneakers →

▪ Reiss Jacket (comparable, new season) →
▪ BOSS Sweater → previous, not accessible
▪ Levi’s Jeans →
▪ A. Lange & Söhne Datograph →
▪ Koio Sneakers →

▪ H&M Shirt Jacket (additionally good) →
▪ Baseball t-shirt (comparable) →
▪ J.Crew Jeans →
▪ IWC Ingenieur →
▪ Koio Sneakers →

▪ Lululemon Jacket →
▪ Lululemon Shirt →
▪ Uniqlo Joggers →
▪ IWC Ingenieur →
▪ Koio Sneakers →

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  1. I know this video was published multiple months ago, but if you happen to see it I wanted to ask what size your Barbour lowerdale vest is in? Btw LOVE the watches!

  2. As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, training, this video is like a satorial first aid kit. Thanks. I really needed it.

    I saw your gym bag video. I liked the clothes a lot. The bag had some cool features too. I wish you could do a video diving into some more clothing alternatives or common style improvements that you see applicable among most joggers, gym bros, etc. Personally, I still have old old gym clothes that does the job – but to put it mildly – they deserve a retirement. Generally, I see a lot of dark clothes among active people. Black everywhere, with the odd reflective gym company logo. I understand it might be because people don't want to attract attention when they're pushing their limits. A mist of anonymity as they put on their try-hard-face. I don't know, but the catch is that we often end up looking mediocre.

    I respect people who look good at every occasion. Not just in weddings or business. I have lots of potential for improvements in my opinion.

    Anyway, thanks for your videos. The consistency and quality is up there. Skål!

  3. Hey Brian! I just saw your footwear collection video and i know that it's been out a while but it was almost unbelievable to me that you didn't have a pair of oxblood penny or tassel loafers. Is there any particular reason for that? Because I really think there is now way you've never considered them…

  4. Nice content and I liked all of the outfits. Barbour is a very expensive brand in England. I nearly bought the wax cotton jacket Daniel Craig wore in “Skyfall” but thought £550 was way too expensive.

  5. I really like your sense of style and how you put up formal outfits, but as a student I usually wear casual clothes, and this video was more practical for me!

  6. You are for sure a little better at the higher end of dress codes than me but telling us apart from a fashion point of view at the casual end of things would be difficult. We wouldn't want to do laundry together let's just say that. lol. Thanks for the video, Brian.

  7. I like the look from day 3, I'd just lose the hat but then it's just me. I was wondering if, someday, you'd do a video on a rock n roll style look (jeans, doc Martens boots, simple t-shirt, Harrington jacket or MA1 Bomber jacket). Well, if you actually read this comment. Alright, on my way to buy Edwin selvedge jeans now.

  8. Thank you, Brian! May I ask how I might achieve a good fit (physical/visual) for a gilet. I have some familiarity with bespoke suits and causal jackets but when it comes to gilets off-the-rack, I am not sure how the shoulders should look when I put it on.

  9. Hi Brian. I’m used to seeing you in more formal wear. As someone who’s getting into suits I wonder how often you wear casual clothes versus something more formal.

  10. Really enjoyed this video Brian! More casual videos please! 🙂 Love tailoring, but especially since working from home it is all about the casual looks 👍

  11. A refreshing video! Interesting to see you in casual outfits, I've always sorta assumed you're almost always tailored lol.
    I REALLY like the strap on the dato! May I ask where is it from?


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