Want the costly look with out the costly worth? We recreate costly outfits at Goodwill to point out you type does not have to come back with a excessive price ticket!
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  1. Can you guys PLEASE stop using single plast cups??
    Make a video where you testing reusable coffee cups/mugs??
    B'cos Even if you throw it in the thrash bin, it will Even end at the bottom of the ocean and kill our planet!

  2. Belts are low key expensive. 😂 I’ve played softball pretty much all my life so I just use those. Like I don’t need it to look good just to hold my pants up. 😂

  3. When she said that Erin won this round… it seemed that she meant she won the other rounds or at least they tied on the other rounds…when I think Erin won all the rounds hahaha

  4. I call the thrift shop, “the boutique” or “the GW” I love and do thrift for practically everything I wear… You should check out the shoes too! I find a lot of great brands and because I spent so little, I get to go out more and show off my beautiful stuff!

  5. I love you guys, but Madeleine .. I’m sorry I hate the hair today.. it just looks a little too 4 year old did her hair messy.. Sorry, just isn’t cute.


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