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THE SUMMER FANTASY SET OUTFIT HACKS! | Royale High Summer Outfit Hacks!!

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Hey Creme Puffs! Super excited to be FINALLY giving you all summer content! ANDDD, the new set is out as many of you already know! SOO I took it upon myself to figure out some pretty cute outfit hacks, using part of the NEW SUMMER FANTASY SET! Oh, and DONT WORRY, I know the set is expensive. 164k diamonds to be exact. I tried my best to focus on hacks, only using one or two of the summer fantasy items at a time! ANYWAYYYYSS, hope you enjoy all the hacks in the video! OH and make sure to COMMENT any other hacks using this set! If we get enough comments, I'll make a video testing them all out! OKOK if you're still reading this, make sure to watch till the end. So that you can see all the great outfit hacks, BUT ALSOOO because there's a special little surprise at the end thanks to my discord server! WHICH you can JOIN by clicking its link down below!

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Check out another youtuber who did a video on the same topic!


what do you use to edit?* I use Filmora 9! I do pay for a subscription, and otherwise it has a watermark. If you're looking for a free editing software without a watermark, then I don't recommend it. It works wonderfully otherwise!!⋆

*what do you use to record?* Ok so I use this really random recording software that came with my PC, so it's not the greatest. The audio is bad too, so I have to film on that while I do a voiceover on filmora at the same time. Don't know its name, because it just pops up when I hit a certain key combo. (only for windows users)

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!!I don't own any of the music used throughout this video!!

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intro made by me ;)

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