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My Easy 3 Step CAPSULE WARDROBE Formula : Minimalist Fashion : Women's Outfits : Emily Wheatley

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My Easy 3 Step CAPSULE WARDROBE Formula : Minimalist Fashion : Women's Outfits

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Different capsules:
2 main types:
Seasonal- Per Season
Modules- Per a theme/occasion like business-formal-casual
Both types will contribute to....
A Full Minimalist wardrobe, usually everything works together
These steps should work for both types, just scale to your preference

1.) Anchor Piece (Base colors/prints)
-Can be top or bottom (but can be your favorite fierce pieces as well, I've revolved whole capsule wardrobe around one duster cardigan before)
-This is usually where I use my prints or bolder colors so that I’m assured to have a wardrobe that works with these pieces in multiple ways and then they don’t end up as just another random piece that goes with nothing

2.) Tie in Pieces (the rope) (Tie in Color palette or Neutrals)
-In this step, the each piece should go with all the anchor pieces.
-This is where it gets a little tricky if you have both tops and bottoms in step one.
-But this can be remedy with neutrals or multi functional pieces (ex: a white button up in this scenario could be paired with the anchor pant and an anchor top….)
-Use your better judgement….

3.) Top Off Pieces (the boat) (Framing pieces)
-These are pieces that frame the look, the layering pieces.
-All these pieces need to go with everything else.

In there end you should be left with a capsule wardrobe that has style and function. When you put great thought into how all pieces work together and circle back to each other, you can end up with a circle of life wardrobe.

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