BeyoncΓ© opens the 2022 Academy Awards with a efficiency of her Oscar-nominated track β€˜Be Alive’ off the β€˜King Richard’ soundtrack. The 40-year-old was joined by her 10-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, in the course of the efficiency, which performed out at Compton tennis courtroom. β€˜Be Alive,’ which Beyonce co-wrote alongside artist Dixson, was up for Best Original Song, marking Bey’s first Oscar nomination. The 94th Academy Awards aired on ABC.


  1. Ppl are blind Beyonce didn't perform at the Grammys bc the entire thing was green screen she's no longer on this plane she did the signing off hand sign at the end her performance was similar to MJ performance when he died they did it looks real but it's not their gone that's why she didn't perform live at the award show or walk the red carpet they all know she's gone her and many other big name celebrities when u see them which is rare never in public they are doubles lookalikes or old videos edited same with Angelina Jolie it was a recent pic with her & her kids that was old I know bc I seen that same photo the daughter had on Angelina dress they just edited the clothing