Hi Ladies hope you take pleasure in this WALMART SHOP WITH ME. A variety of the objects are so NEW that they don’t seem to be on the web site but however I’ll replace you guys in my group tab as soon as I begin seeing issues pop up. If you want WALMART CLOTHING FINDS ensure you like this video and I’ll maintain sharing AFFORDABLE FASHION.Thanks a lot for watching!

Sofia Flare Pull-On Jeans https://bit.ly/3tdPt98
Time and Tru Tye dye stripe tank https://bit.ly/3telfD6
Time and Tru tie entrance costume https://bit.ly/3tdkEl0
Time and tru coloration block costume https://bit.ly/3tecSHF
Time and tru Bermuda – https://bit.ly/3IgOo4W
Time and Tru denim shorts https://bit.ly/3JihHW6
Ruffle Tank – https://bit.ly/3idLq6K
Ruffle Tank plus https://bit.ly/3If2p30
Time and tru stripe sweater – https://bit.ly/3JgJu9n
Floral jumpsuit https://bit.ly/3w6U8vN
Bike shorts https://bit.ly/36oAn7N
stripe pink costume https://bit.ly/3JiG7yv
celeb pink skinny denims – https://bit.ly/3ted6yv
Graphic T-Shirt and Shorts Active Set https://bit.ly/3tdQmyu
plus graphic set https://bit.ly/3tczcS6
Denim dress- https://bit.ly/3Ifcq09
Cinched Waist Pullover Top https://bit.ly/34Op74o
Sweatshirt https://bit.ly/3Idjfzd
Scoop smocked prime https://bit.ly/36gNXdv
Scoop skirt https://bit.ly/3IbDXiV
Slip dress- https://bit.ly/3JiWnQ9
Sofia Palazzo Pants https://bit.ly/36oBFQb
Sofia Lila Shorts https://bit.ly/3tdr6sg
Free Assembly Women’s Wrap Top https://bit.ly/3tfU5Mj
Free Assembly Women’s Shift Dress with Square Sleeves https://bit.ly/3tfUgXZ
Floral denims https://bit.ly/3taHpWN
Terra & Sky smocked costume https://bit.ly/3taHpWN
floral jacket- https://bit.ly/3tef5Tt
Mother day tees https://bit.ly/36lTsI2
Avia shorts https://bit.ly/3JfkW0k
Boatneck sweater- https://bit.ly/3Igg9u8
No Boundaries brief sleeve cardigan https://bit.ly/36jtwfZ
Time and tru elbow tee https://bit.ly/3tfpz50
Cami set https://bit.ly/3Ie9ssL
PJ set https://bit.ly/3C9gX2D
Secret treasures sweatshirt https://bit.ly/3ichDLu
secret treasure shorts https://bit.ly/3CNeg7f
joggers https://bit.ly/3CT4wIH
t-shirt costume https://bit.ly/37AFpPl
button costume https://bit.ly/3IfiaXL
Polo Dress https://bit.ly/3Jf87mP
Colorblock kimono https://bit.ly/34JHXcK
time and tru bikini https://bit.ly/3tdSQgi
Scoop hat https://bit.ly/36jZqZO
Time and tru tote https://bit.ly/3Jk5ccG
Straw wristlet https://bit.ly/3icUg4E
Time and tru sandals https://bit.ly/3JwgSJv

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  1. wow so many new spring summer dresses, I am hoping our Walmart bring out some of these outfits. The scoop dresses in black polka dot and yellow was so pretty, sadly we do not have scoop here in Canada. I have said it before I really appreciate how nicely you explain the details on fabric and style, thank you!

  2. This saves us all a lot of time in the store and on line. I have purchased some of your suggestions and am happy with them. Thank you!

  3. LOVED the first SV jeans with the stitching on the flare! I have a feeling the Hollywood folks snickered a little when they heard about Sophia Vergara putting a clothing line in WalMart. But now I bet she is laughing all the way to the bank. Her things are good and so affordable. Thanks for the info about the two sweaters on sale. I like them both.

  4. There’s so much at your Walmart. I caught a glimpse of the blue Scoop dress with the white panel at the bottom. You can’t find it online. Same with the pink & white maxi dress. It comes in teal too My store doesn’t have half of this inventory. The swimsuit section is bare and I live in a warmer climate than you do. Great video!!

  5. Thank you Jennifer for the extensive hard work you put into your videos πŸ‘ you cover a lot and make sure to give details. Really appreciate you πŸ’ž

  6. Hi pretty lady, I’m so glad they have the scoop sweatshirts I’m hoping they get the matching joggers because the pink set was sold out online. Anyway another great video thank you for sharing it with us. ❀️

  7. Excellent video! All the time and Tru shoes are made well, however I'm spoiled. I have problem feet and I only buy the ones that actually have memory foam written on them. They are super comfortable, much more than any of the others. I purchased a couple new pairs of those sandals this season and I'm so excited to wear them. Thank you so much for recommending those time and Tru jeggings. From your link I bought the gray acid wash and the light denim acid wash. I normally wear a large 12/14 in time and Tru pants but I followed suggestion and ordered up a size which was the extra large. They are perfection! They look like a skinny jean but are so stretchy and comfortable and the inside of the material feels more comfortable than the No Boundaries ones. I almost cried with joy when I saw how they looked because I am so picky about jeans. They were about 2" too long so I just cuffed them and that made them perfect.

  8. Good morning, Jennifer. I love the pastel sweater. Nice to know it's on sale for $11.
    Cute Free Assembly denim dress. Our Walmart doesn't carry Free Assembly, Sofia, or Scoop. Loved the gauzy maxi dress. I'd have to have it hemmed.
    I promised myself that I'd never wear flare jeans again. I did them in the late 70s. Watch, I'll be grabbing a pair!
    I still love tie dye.
    Great finds, wonderful descriptions. Thank you so much. Enjoy your day! ❀❀


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