ALL LINKS BELOWπŸ‘‡ within the order proven & all sizes except in any other case said are a medium or backside dimension 8 for this video. Thanks a lot to Walmart for sponsoring at the moment’s video!

Part 1 Walmart Fashion Video:

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Woven Bright Multicolor Tote

Clear Tote (Orange Mango) 2 items

Stripe Cardigan & Dress Set (M)

Stripe Cardigan (M)
Navy Shorts (M)
White Slides (9)

Ruffled Black Swimsuit (M)
Black Tiered Skirt (M)
Black Bow Sandals – (9)
Leopard Straw Beach Tote

Other Swimsuits Mentioned
Black One Piece
Wine One Piece
Black Halter One Piece
Blue Tie Dye One Piece

Black/White Stripe Sun Hat

Granny Square Crochet Bag

Colorblock Round Straw Tote

Natural Round Straw Tote

Colorblock Mock Neck Sweater (M)
Light Wash Jean Shorts (10)

Colorblock Mock Neck Sweater (M)

White Shorts (10)

White Cloud Cropped Jeans (10)
*Alternate* White Tee

Cream Utility Jacket (M)
White Tee (M)
Cropped Wide Leg Jeans (10)

Cream Utility Jacket (M)
Straight Fit Jeans (10)

Braided Two Band Sandals (9)

Pink Fleece Hoodie (M)
Pink Fleece Joggers (M)
Mentioned – pink fleece shorts

Long Sleeve Belted Dress (M)
Cropped Jean Jacket (M)

Pink Tie-Dye Sweatshirt (M)
Pink Tie-Dye Shorts (M)
White Slide (9)

Black Sweatshirt (M)
Black Fleece Shorts (M)

Sleeveless Tiered Dress (M)

Lavender Polo Sweater (M) on sale!
White Shorts (10)

Lavender Polo Sweater (M) on sale!
90s Straight Jeans (10)

Blue Boat Neck Sweater (M) on sale!
Light Wash Jean Shorts (10)

Blue Boat Neck Sweater (M) on sale!
White Shorts (10)

Black/White Print Dress (M)

Embellished Stone Slides (9)

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  1. I like the black long skirt. I am only about 5' 1" or 5' 1 1/2 (on a good day😊 Don't know your height so not sure where it will fall on me. My legs are short. Thank you.
    P.S. Love that blue/grey sun dress with white at the bottom of dress.
    Looks very nice. Great dress for you!!!
    Also, the blue sweater you showed almost at the end (before the print dress ) you mentioned as being part acrylic. Do you know if acyrlic can be kind of itchy on your skin, for some people?
    I can't wear anything that is mostly or all wool but not sure about acrylic.
    Perhaps it depends on what percentage of acyrlic but do you know if that material can be itchy sometimes?
    Thank you.


  3. HI, love these videos, I wait for them! where did you get the black/white shorts you have on with the bathing suit., black on one side and white on the other…thanks for doing these videos!!

  4. Madison I’m broke still from your last haul 😭😩 your picks are so cute and you and momma single-handedly contributed to Walmart’s come up. Love your vids. ❀️

  5. hello
    will you please tell me if those white tye dye jeans from time and tru are true to size?
    i know you usually wear an 8 like me so i’m just curious why you went with the 10.
    should i go up a size?
    thank you so much.
    – brandie

    ok so i just went back and looked at the pant and short sizes you wear. size 10.
    true to size then?
    thank you

  6. Great finds Madison. Every outfit looked realy nice on you. I ordered the embellished slides in black using your link in the previous haul. I hope they fit as good as they look. 😊

  7. I can't see any of the items. I want to do some purchases. Please help. Please. How do I see the items mention. I do not see anything listed below.

  8. I clicked this video so fast! Thanks for another awesome video Madison. The fact that you provide details and designer comparisons with prices is so appreciated. Can't wait for the next walmart video.

  9. One thing about Madison
    She's so detailed. She's one of a kind on Youtube. She enlighten us so much not to forget how much she inspires us. She takes the time to explain each and every item in Such great deatail. I personally never heard anyone explain there items so Indepthly. Also she knows everything about the style. The company by whom. What's vf wearing etc. As I said every' every sing piece of detail she gathers to identify to us. Madison is to be admired. She tells us the s uh zero. She tells us the amount of cotton. The amount of spandex. She tells the size. She tells us how to style it. She tells us the cost. She takes time to tells all the Cops it comes in. If it would be comfortable for dinner' lunch or just for an afternoon tea or a stroll. She makes sure she gives us the good news if there's pocket. What's on sale. If theres a limit amount.Thank you. I love. Love. Love to look at each of her Videos.

  10. I have ordered that ADORABLE black ruffle one piece swimsuit 3 times already and they have cancelled every time claiming it us out of stock. 😭😭😭

  11. Some great finds! I found some great buys too but totally different from yours. I’ve found that in store every one is different so I love seeing things you’ve found online.


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