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I hope you loved todays video! I’m linking the whole lot that I might discover on Walmart’s web site beneath, pleased buying!😊










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  1. Your channel was in my recommended… YouTube is finally giving me videos I like! This haul is so cute! Walmart?! They're definitely upgrading ♥️ new sub 😊!!!

  2. Loved this h a u l. I’ve been wanting to go fall shopping and looking forward to heading to my local Walmart. I like some of my clothing pieces oversized too. It just feels and looks more c o z y ✨🍂💕 I also wear shorts under my dresses (if they aren’t maxi) and shorts. With a toddler I just feel like it’s necessary 😜💕

  3. I really like all of the outfits you put together. I need to go to Walmart now lol. I have that orange flannel shirt and love it. SUBSCRIBED!

  4. Hello Ashley Sarvak, we love your video and you are so beautiful! ! !
    This is HSIA, which is a bra brand, and we want to cooperate with you. The details of cooperation have been sent to your email. If you are interested, we are looking forward to your reply ❤

  5. I’m enjoying these Walmart Clothing hauls this year! Thank you for finding some items I didn’t see in the others. If you are using a camera tripod for your seated chats, may I suggest raising it up another inch or two. I suggest this because your eyes are so beautiful!

  6. Love the Carmel colored jacket and black outfit!!! Never would have thought Walmart! Guess I'm still thinking of it in terms of my Jr high and elementary schools days.

  7. You said you got your black jeans on amazon. Can you share the link please? I don't like buying jeans online, but they look like they'd fit me as well. Thanks, love your styling. Simple but super great!

  8. Okay, you make all of these things look fantastic. But when I go & try them on (way before seeing this video) .. It just looks cheap & not cute at all, lol. What the heck!

  9. I have converted to be a skirt person… lol… they are so versatile… you can pair them with anything and they are so flattering! you can wear tights with them and the long cardigans layered up so cute!

  10. Hi, gorgeous!! I love your style!!! I’ve been dying to do a Walmart fall haul as well❤️❤️so I love this!! Btw I’m a new fashion YouTuber and would love it if we could support each other! Sending love and support to your channel!!!


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