I’ll share trip outfits for a cruise ship journey. In this journey tip video I provides you with a checklist of cruise put on outfits you’ll be able to pack. When carrying trip outfits for a journey, in case your trip outfit items coordinate with one another, you don’t pack too many garments. Sometimes you need cruise put on to be dressy for formal night time so I’ve some concepts for these outfits too. When you pack for a cruise, select solid-colored shirts that may coordinate with denims, a skirt, in addition to with shorts. #vacationoutfits #cruiseoutfits #traveltips

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Outfit Pieces for a Cruise:
Cruise management shirt: https://bit.ly/3a0E6YK
Green pullover: https://bit.ly/3uIcTTO
Cashmere: https://bit.ly/3x00Tj6
Rain coat: https://bit.ly/3kqVdro
Pullover sweater: https://bit.ly/3LDlfTq
Brown sandals: https://bit.ly/3gZHUfw
Gingham pants: https://bit.ly/36DQ2Rr
Floral pants: https://bit.ly/3u2jlpG
Star footwear: https://bit.ly/3vC3QDW
Ecco footwear: https://bit.ly/2IrXtw0
Heel: https://bit.ly/3sGWJdx
Wide leg pants: https://bit.ly/3uMYAgF
White pants: https://bit.ly/3tY1KyZ
Blush sandals: https://bit.ly/3qDPXEd
Maxi skirt: https://bit.ly/3qNPdMr
Boat neck shirt: https://bit.ly/3bmWT0L
White 3/4 sleeve: https://bit.ly/3w37sB2
Foral shirt: https://bit.ly/3LDlfTq
Polka dot shirt: https://bit.ly/3tvrv9C
Shell high blue: https://bit.ly/3JYYGIu
Shell floral: https://bit.ly/3IWcimA
Shorts: https://bit.ly/3IGHC8E
Wrap: https://bit.ly/3NLkvxC
Scarf entrance cardigan: https://bit.ly/3x09r9L
Peplum jacket: https://bit.ly/36Hqq63
Eyelet jacket: https://bit.ly/3LDc0CU
Wit Wisdom denims: https://bit.ly/3Dx35jA
White denims: https://bit.ly/3NTZpgC
Gold necklace: https://bit.ly/3LTDnc7
Crossbody straw: https://bit.ly/3iXrLrR
Clutch bag: https://bit.ly/3uT3dG0
Blush bag: https://bit.ly/3k7iWNV
Blue gown: https://bit.ly/3qWOV6h
Shift gown: https://bit.ly/3wQ5HHK
Red gown: https://bit.ly/3irsBga
Wrap gown: https://bit.ly/3IMJPzD
Pajamas: https://bit.ly/3K2FsSj
Swim coverup: https://bit.ly/3IlOeZP
Pink swimsuit: https://bit.ly/3oZ6vW0
Royal blue go well with: https://bit.ly/38hFyYd
Gingham go well with: https://bit.ly/3qNPdMr
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00:00 Outfits for Cruise
1:08 Outerwear for cruise
2:25 Outfit Idea for Cruise
4:45 Shirts for Outfits
7:36 Shorts for Cruise
12:00 Outfit Travel Tip
13:10 Travel Hack for Outfits

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  1. Love so many of these outfits! My fav is the v-neck sweater, so versatile * love the details on the bottom! Thanks for the great ideas once again.We'll be cruising in summer and then in Jan – so I'll use the sweater then.

  2. Laurie, just wanted to share maybe a new trend for TSA. Just flew round trip domestically and both airports we did not have to take out anything out of our carryons to put in the grey bins (except shoes and belts of course.) I personally think it makes the xray process longer but it's a little more convenient.

  3. I've taken several Alaska cruises and you need to be prepared for hot, cold and rainy days. A cashmere sweater with a scarf is perfect for cold. Definitely bring a packable, rain proof wind breaker with a hood. Layer the sweater, scarf and rain jacket and you will be warm. Don't forget to bring a pair of gloves, a hat(packable) and a couple pair of socks. You will enjoy your trip more if you are prepared.

  4. We're going on a ten day British Isles NCL cruise in mid May so have to contend with rain and chillier weather than we have here in the SC Lowcountry. Plus we're doing tattoo days in London prior to the cruise. My mom, my husband, son, and I are looking forward to it but ten days in a cabin with my mom while my husband is in the other cabin with my son will be tough. We purchased the thermal suite pass to have a place to talk at from the other two!

  5. IN all your videos where you link the pink cruise control with the pineapple shirt, it never goes to the shirt. I can't find it. Please help! I really like that shirt! Thank you!

  6. I take the opposite clothing. I like solid bottoms like navy, khaki, and black. I then take patterned shirts that can go with any bottom. I learned this the hard way one time when I spilled food on a shirt I wanted to wear again. I could not get it clean enough to wear again.

  7. Great tips Laurie ! We just came back from a cruise.I really tried to think ahead this time and not overpack clothes or shoes ! Your tips are perfect for that !

  8. I’d love a vid on dressy shoes with closed toes (years of steel toed shoes have done a number on my toenails and they’ll probably never recover). I’m going to mackinac island (staying on the island) in June for the lilac festival and I know I need a dressy look for a grand hotel dinner.

  9. Hi there can you help me find your bags and shies for wide feet with ankle problem and clothes thank you oh and outerwear and coats and rain jackets and warm weather to cold and cold to warm

  10. Great video and always great suggestions… I believe I’m going to purchase the Ecco tennis shoes just like yours. My goal is to travel to Sicily by the end of the year. I understand if you wear white tennis shoes in Italy you stand out like a tourist which I want to keep that at a minimum πŸ˜€ πŸ€—πŸ₯° Thank you 😊

  11. Comfort! Comfort! Comfort! Those are the clothes I pack for! Laurie, what is one of your favorite cruise liners that you travel on if you feel comfortable to share?

  12. My favorite top on my last cruise (in the winter) was a 3/4 sleeve, scoop neck, gold tee. I dressed it up with gold jewelry and black pants and dressed it down with jeans and a animal print scarf.

  13. Going to Alaska at the end of April. Taking black pants and a multitude of black and white shirts that mix and match. Great tips. Going to check out my jewelry. Might be the gold ones.

  14. What I took for 2 weeks cruising the Danube in Eastern Europe (7 days Budapest to Giurgiu, pre- and post-cruise extensions in Vienna and Istanbul) during the first half of August six years ago:

    -4 short sleeve polos
    -2 short sleeve button ups (1 dressy, 1 casual)
    -1 tank top (only wore once)
    -2 t-shirts (only wore 1, and only on the ship)
    -1 long sleeve shirt (didn't end up needing)
    -1/4 zip lightweight fleece (only wore once)
    -long sleeve button up cashmere sweater

    -2 mid-calf length skirts (wore the dressy one only twice (formal nights), wore the other almost every day)
    -1 pair capri length gauchos (only wore 3 times)
    -4 pairs of shorts (2 compression/bike, 2 soccer, mainly for under skirts – only wore one)
    -1 pair leggings (didn't wear)
    -1 pair slacks (didn't wear)
    -1 pair zip-offs (wore the day we were both hiking and going in and out of churches but that was the only time)

    Many of the churches and museums we went to were very strict about having knees and shoulders covered, so I'm very glad I brought tops with sleeves and longer skirts.

    -1 pair black flats (for church and the 2 formal nights on the ship)
    -1 pair black socks (church, formal nights)
    -1 pair sneakers (for touring)
    -1 pair flipflops
    -several pairs liner and light/midweight wool socks

    -1 set pajamas (w/socks)
    -1 scarf (short/narrow)
    -1 swimsuit, goggles, noseplug
    -bath towel size packtowl
    -sunglasses, strap, and case
    -24 oz waterbottle (clipped and strapped to outside of purse)
    -standard size carabiner
    -little RFID-block wallet (coin purse, basically) tethered to strap inside purse
    -passport and RFID-block money belt
    -belt (didn't wear)
    -camera, extra batteries/memory cards
    -battery charger, converter, adapter (shared by all 4 people in my family)
    -toiletries (brush, comb, razor, deodorant, chafe relief stick, flossers, lotion, Dr. Bronner's, shampoo, conditioner, hair binders, feminine hygiene products, chapstick, peppermint lavender Badger balm (used on my feet every night) – all liquids travel size, didn't end up using shampoo & conditioner b/c plenty was provided everywhere we stayed)
    -book to read on the plane
    -mp3 player & earbuds
    -travel size weighted blanket (doesn't count against carryon allowance)
    -bandanna (I can't use kleenex)
    -travel pack of kleenex (to use as toilet paper if a public restroom was out of it – did actually have to use it for that once)
    -meds and a few other medical items
    -journal and pencil

    There was laundry service available on the ship, but I just handwashed (the packtowl really came in handy for that) things in the sink with provided shampoo as I went, and hung them up in the room to dry (our housekeeping lady was really great about it, especially when my and my sister's clothes were hanging up all over the room drying), so I never ran out of anything. We also ended up checking our suitcases (so I made sure to pack essential toiletries and an extra outfit in my backpack for the flight there), but all of my stuff (except the weighted blanket – I had a separate bag for that) fit into my school-size backpack and 19"-ish soft-sided carryon suitcase. I tightly rolled my clothes then put them vertically in regular 2-gallon ziplocs by category, squeezed basically all the air out (I don't need a vacuum or special bags to allow me to do this – I've been doing it my whole life), and packed them in my suitcase that way. Everything fit nicely with a fair amount of room to spare – I brought home an additional 4 scarves, pashmina size, and there was still room left over in both backpack and suitcase.

  15. Laurie, you mentioned your mil went on a river cruise. I'll be going this month (Danube-8 days) still chilly. Got the black short booties and gray slip ons! Thinking of black, denim and gray pants with black and gray tops. My question: since no where to wash out clothes, how many pants and tops. We're bringing only carry on with our personal back-packs.

  16. Have a great time on your cruise! back from out first post covid cruise 3 weeks now and I want to go again!! We left in a snowstorm and came back to cold but had to bring warm weather clothes too!

  17. I just came home from a 2 week Viking River Cruise. I had a free checked bag, but I used several of your tips. I am short and the foot sling made it easier to sleep on our overnight flight to Heathrow airport. I packed 2 outfits in my carryon in case my luggage was lost. I put soft clothes in a silk pillowcase and used it as a pillow or armrest . I put it on my fold down tray, i I also used it as a lumbar pillow at one point. I had very few pieces that I did not wear.

  18. You are costing me money girl! Just ordered that blue tanktenee and and another style in black-my go to color. Thinking about the sandals too!❀

  19. Fantastic video! I love all of your suggestions especially when it comes to not having to pack as much as I usually do. It will be great because I get free laundry service on my next cruise.

  20. Perfect timing, , we were just talking yesterday about going on a cruise! First cruise I went on years ago, I took so many clothes, only to find out that the closet was the size of a bread box!😜Thank you

  21. Thank you for demonstrating how to put together so many great outfits for cruise travel. I'm on a cruise in 24 days and am trying not to over pack. Mix and match outfits are perfect!

  22. I loved this video ( and because it’s long) specially that I’ll be traveling to LA God willing, nice ideas I’ll check d 3/4 sleeve white shirt looks beautiful & d gingham swimsuit gorgeous few years ago I bought 1 similar in pink from j crew love it. Thank you Laurie 😊

  23. I think a skort helps in packing. Can be worn very casual and also looks like a short skirt for night time. I bring a solid black and one with a print. Let’s have some fun😻


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