Today in Genshin Impact we’re ending the Fleeting Colors of Light occasion, unlocking Ningguang’s particular outfit, doing a small showcase and a fireworks present.

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0:00 Intro, Oceanic Defender
2:27 Flameplume Starflowers (Fireworks Crafting)
3:52 The Key Catch
5:02 Wondrous Shadow (Shadow Puzzle)
8:34 Wrapping up Fleeting Colors of Light
9:53 Unlocking Ningguang’s Outfit, Showcase
12:13 Fireworks Show


  1. You could indeed hit Beisht when she was far, far away. It's just that the one that was up that you were trying to hit was that one that was already at minimum health.
    Source: I ran it with Ganyu while doing that exact strategy 6 times

  2. I'm missing 100 of the gold talismans and i've done the whole event, every thing i could… and still missing 100 for my ning ning outfit 🙁

  3. The big rock from CA does the big damage. That's why you also kinda want to CA spam on her, which is quite hard to do since her animation is wonky. Still love her tho, the one and only momma.

  4. Honestly it was not easy for me….i mean without zhongli shield or hutao op DMG…i had to depend on my jean with 3 star weapon and IT WAS TOUGH

  5. The best place to set off fireworks is at Dawn Winery!
    Set the tube on the front side of the mansion (10 sec cool down) and climb up to the roof! That way you don’t have to look up at an awkward angle

  6. Really sad that genshin stopped working about 3 days before this was posted, really happy still seeing people play genshin<3

  7. Sadly I'm not going to get it because I just speed run the while geo archon quest just to do the lantern of rite events and I'm quite burnt out


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