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DISCLAIMER: These reborn child dolls and silicone child dolls are handmade artwork work. They are created with the intention of adults shopping for them as collectible artwork. They aren’t toys, and aren’t advocate for youngsters.

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  1. I have a boy and a girl set of twins also. I love matching their clothes. I like buying gender neutral outfits. You actually follow me on Instagram, lil_reborn_angels. I'm so excited to see your twins! 😊

  2. Oh so excited to see the twins, I think they would be adorable in the little elephant outfits, the onsie with the little elephant it says, "I love you", , anything you decide I'm sure will be cute, just throwing me with the gowns and the bunny hats cause of Bunny, who is still so new!!

  3. On Instagram I think you're following her, lil_reborn_angels has twin a and b and her babies coordinate really well, but probably just because she keeps the dolls long term.

  4. It's really weird, those Gerber outfits run really big, but a lot of their onesies run really small. Like the $2 ones in the Onesie brand, I always have to get a size or 2 bigger than I need. Cute haul, and I can't wait to see the twins! 😀

  5. I think their first outfits should be the outfits that you bought at the doll show
    I no I'm the same way when it comes to twins they have to be matching or coordinating

  6. My hubby and I adopted twins! All I could find was sailor outfits, him a suit and her a dress, and Osh Gosh denim short overalls, what about buying gender neutral matching outfits!


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