Hello guys! In this episode of Try Outs with Tanya I’m going to indicate you how one can layer garments (dresses, skirts) for colder days. I’m going to attempt on completely different skirts (e.g. mini skirts), dresses ( e.g. little black gown), tops (e.g. tank tops, blouses, sweaters, and so forth.), legwear (e.g. polka dots tights, denims, and so forth.), excessive heels (e.g. Louboutin SoKate120).
#outfitideas #miniskirt

Let me know in feedback which outfit was your favourite.

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  2. Hi Tanya. So I'm excited. Appearance, products, picture quality and furnishings are very, very professional. The fashion world can't do it better. Keep it up. And said in private. You have the figure, move super and pure eroticism. Class-class.

  3. Those black polka dot tights are divine. Favorite outfit is the black shift dress with black chiffon detail at the shoulder, chiffon always looks great in black .


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