Enjoy my stylish outfit and tapping in these wonderful excessive heels that I selected to put on with this model new lime outfit from FashionNova 😉
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  1. hello goddess my headphone burst
    health to your feet,
    I hope the next videos have brain-fucking videos,
    I bow with respect and fear every time your foot hits the ground,
    the holy heel sound is the most beautiful sound in the world

  2. Thank you so much for tapping your bare toes. Such a beautiful woman. I appreciate all you do and you are making a lot of people happy. I especially love it when you tap your toes impatiently. Thanks to a good hearted person like you I can admit that. Hope you are staying well, love

  3. Nina compliments. Toe tapping beautifull in green……. Shoes perfect…… And you beautyfull big kiss princess…. A next tapping…… Special summer…… Kissss

  4. Lovely rhythmic toe tapping in those heels! Love to see a rhythmic toe tapping video in those gold heels next. Job well done Nina and keep those musical toe tapping concerts coming in more of your shoes.😍😍😍😍

  5. Nina, Your Outfit Is Stunning, With An Incredible Color, Your Sandal Is Beautiful, With An Air Of Spring, I Loved Tapping, You Are A Goddess…💗💕💚🔥🔥🔥


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