The 2022 Met Gala was filled with nice seems! For this listing, weโ€™ll be wanting on the boldest, most opulent ensembles from styleโ€™s greatest evening. Our countdown contains Lizzo, Michelle Yeoh, Maude Apatow, and extra! What’s YOUR favourite Met Gala look? Let us know within the feedback!

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  1. Only a few represented the Gilded Age & in my book, Lively & Chastain we're tops! Others just looked freakish or hogged the spotlite without their butt implants, like Kardashian!!

  2. I should not expect more from these content farms but seriously, can you at least try to research the theme before you gush over outfits that missed the historical context spectaculary? Saying something is "on theme" for gilded age because it sparkles is just ignorant. Watch youtube videos of Haute le Mode and Modern Gurlz for more context, since they actually know about fashion.

  3. There were so many looks that could have been put in this video but werenโ€™t for whatever reason, js could have spiced up the choices a bit more

  4. 2022 was the time to really elevate 1870โ€™s and yet they missed the mark. The Gilded era was rich and phenomenal, yet I wasnโ€™t getting it.I have to ask, why have a theme if no one is going to follow theme? Disappointed in so many ways.

  5. Shame on Kardashian for destroying Monroes dress that was a historical gown which belongs in a museum. She didn't even look good in that dress. As for who invites for the met very few women had class or style I don't want to see books and ass . The met gala has lost its class .when you let invitees wear sinful clothes the gala become a porn show.
    Cover up woman show show some class. We don't want to see u naked all hanging out.

  6. Blake Lively had the most gorgeous dress on the red carpet, she looked amazingโ€ผ๏ธ She should be cast to take over Amber Heards role in Aquaman โ€ผ๏ธ Every news outlet had pics of Kim Kardashian.. WHY? sick of Kim, Blake clearly was the winner โ€ผ๏ธ

  7. Nope can't believe y'all did all that without even an honorable mention for My #1 best dressed CARDI B!!! DID YALL SEE HER!?!? OMG!! SHE WINS HANDS DOWN 4 ME! WELL THATS JUST MY OPINION….WHAT YALL THINK???

  8. Ok, only 3 dresses in, and already I can see that you, like the celebrities you picked, completely missed the point of the Gilded Glamor theme, which was supposed to reflect clothing from The Gilded Age. So, I'm done.


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