Ben Kingsley and Bill Paxton star on this thrilling journey a couple of heroic household that secretly tackles international rescue operations utilizing high-tech autos and devices. Take off with them!


  1. Well, as an old timer the grew up with the original "Supermarionation" (marionette puppets),  back in the 1960's, probably before most of you were born, I thought is wasn't half bad,  the actors looked a lot  like the original puppets used and an excellent job at reproducing the original machines.

  2. I though this was quite good, better than the reviews lead you to believe. Its made for kids and my 7 yo loved it. Perfect, of course not, its all relative.

  3. Notice how Virgil does less in this movie than John does.

    That just shouldn't happen, if Gerry Anderson had directed this, John would have probably had an asteroid that said "I don't like your character" smashing through TB5, Thunderbird 3 doing nothing, and Thunderbird 2 doing all the rescues as usual.

    …Which is why I want someone like J.J. Abrams to direct the next attempt at a live action Thunderbirds film, so that we get all the wonderful lens flares that rocket engines make.

  4. Ben Kingly does a great job in this movie. the dialogue is clunky and disjointed at times. the stuttering is beyond inconsistent. Jeff should not have been going on missions with the rest of the team. Fermat is a jem! I don't understand why Miriem's shick is jumping from a place to the ground. some of the CGI is wonky, but there are some nice moments.

  5. You know all four of you users are wrong this movie is an insult to the original series! Plus if you even say like oh this is a good movie here some major 2 points why it failed, 1. cause the story is bland the charitors with a few are stupid and 2. finally this movie suck major ass!!!!


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