Three Party Outfit concepts from the cavernous depths of my Gothic wardrobe…

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Gothing up my footwear:

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Music: Artist: Jesse Gallagher | Track: Maestro Tlakaelel
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Equipment for filming:
Camera : Nikon D5500 (New model is the D5600)

Lens : Nikon AF-S DX 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Lens

Tripod :Manfrotto Befree

Lights : PMS® Photography 50x70cm 30W LED Soft field

Mic : Pixel M80 Universal Video Microphone


  1. Love the outfit and look book videos – is there any chance of some Halloween looks in the future?! I was talking to a a friend the other day who is going for a very decadent Victorian gothic style with some Halloween touches (fake blood, spider tattoo transfers etc) and felt inspired to try something similar…I feel like you would have a wonderful take on that and do it without having to spend a fortune 😸

  2. Very nice I loved them all 🙂. That was me asking for the turtorial. It doesn’t matter. I tried making a fishnet top more than once with fishnet leggings and they never turned out right. Should be very simple I know and anyone reading this will probably laugh at me. Oh well. I just opted to purchase already made fishnet, etc tops. Now I feel dorky.

  3. Oh I love this ! A couple of years ago I tried the tights into a top but found the arms kept slipping down exposing my shoulders, so I'll try it again by cutting downward rather than across.
    Thanks again for your lovely wonderful self and sharing terrific ideas 💜
    From Victoria B.C. Canada ( on a very smokey day from the Washington State fires )


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