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the WORST kpop outfits (reviewed by fashion students)


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+ age: grown
+ race: black
+ pronouns: she/her

+ macbook air 2020, iphone 12
+ software program: closing lower professional, photoshop, vn, figma


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  1. I wanna thank you, seriously.

    I have been listening and learning a lot about culture and who I am thru kpop for a long time and found that there is a fine line between good kpop and bad kpop. It could be the songs/ dance/ outfits/ etc. But it all adds to the bigger picture.

    Honestly the entirety of kpop helped me during my grandpa's death. He had lung cancer and passed away because of it. One of his last wishes was I achieve what I wanted in life no matter what it is.

    I strived for that as much as I could. I studied and worked hard. Got a degree from a good university and even landed an entry level job in my field but in the end it seemed futile.

    Cause your garbage opinions of kpop gave me cancer anyways bitch.

  2. was not expecting a fashion review on kpop outfits but i'm not complaining 😂 i'm curious as to what they think of outfits during the second gen since they were notorious for being so colorful, freaky, and mismatched 😂😂

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