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This video was impressed by bestdressed!

I needed to create this video since you guys are actually particular to me. This is devoted to all my subscribers! I’m nonetheless studying be a good Youtuber and there is WAY extra space for progress and idk I suppose I simply am feeling tremendous grateful that you just guys nonetheless resolve to observe my stuff even when I’m nonetheless so flawed as a individual. I admire you guys for following me on my life journey that’s crammed with struggles and “fails” lol.

I hope you guys loved this video and as all the time, thanks guys a lot for watching! I really like you all a lot. xx

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E-mail: anessalim0705@gmail.com

♫ music ♫
Music by Mark Generous – Falling Asleep In Front Of The TV – https://thmatc.co/?l=8A39A6E0
Music by Dylan Rockoff – Out Of Season – https://thmatc.co/?l=5CFD816F
Music by Dylan Rockoff – I Made A Mess Here (22 Symphony) – https://thmatc.co/?l=DC304012
Music by Dylan Rockoff – Killing Time (feat. OSTON) – https://thmatc.co/?l=72850828


  1. The second look was stunning, the last date was fantastic and a bit of me, loved all of them still 💕. The pancakes looked delish 😋. Loved this Vanessa, I could cry😍😍

  2. Finally having lunch after working and feels good to see you in my subscription box with a new video 🙂 keep it up girl and hope your doing well over there in Korea 🤩💜

  3. Thank you Vanessa for taking me to my first date🤗 From Gyeonbokgung Palace(I am a history fanatic so I loved your scenes there) to cheese croiwaffles and then dinner. This was soo amazing to watch 💜

  4. Your skin is glowing 😍😍I wish I could have a beautiful skin like u .Thanks for taking us on a date we would like to go on a date more often 😉love you💚💚 and stay safe

  5. Hiiiii girl! It’s nice that you show your outfits! Love that about this vlog and the food parts. 😜 I wanna visit Korea so badly after watching this vlog. 😭
    Have a nice week! Lots of love from me ♥️


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