My first character themed outfit/customized sees me tackle an Attack On Titan/Levi Ackerman theme, that includes a hand painted customized jacket, working my method by wardrobes and making an attempt to place collectively a full captain Levi match.

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  1. Finally got the character fits started! I’m hoping to choose a theme from your comments here, and on IG, and put together some outfits I never would have before & hopefully some that you wouldn’t see anywhere else! So please leave your suggestions & of course any feedback/adjustments you’d like to see in the videos going forward, enjoy! πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ

  2. Keith kogane’s jacket from Voltron would be fun, it’s a pretty unique design that you really don’t see in actual clothes often and it’s cropped and he wears fingerless gloves like any good emo does and he’s one of my favourites

  3. AHHHHHHH! WHAT THE HELL?!? I. AM. SPEECHLESS. 🀯 I had to pause the video SO MANY TIMES to process this! HANDS DOWN, THE FIT AND THE CUSTOM WAS FIREπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ AND YOU WENT TO THE WOODS ?!?!?! This is 100% the reason on why you are my favorite content creator πŸ˜Œβœ‹πŸ» Episode 2 was a 1000000/10 !! 🀍

    Edit: Watch Season 4 of AOT, some shit is going DOWNπŸ‘€