Styling monochromatic outfits for males, outfit inspiration.

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Where the items are from:


Octobre Suede Bomber Jacket
Asket Turtleneck
Asket Raw Denim Jeans
Converse High Tops


H&M Hoodie
H&M T-Shirt
H&M Chinos
Doc Martens

Asket Oxford Shirt
Zara Jeans
Ankari Floruss Sneakers


Uniqlo Utility Jacket
Asket Polo Shirt
H&M Chinos
Ankari Floruss Chelsea Boots


Coach Biker Jacket
Uniqlo Oxford Shirt
H&M Chinos
Ankari Floruss Split-Toe Boots


Asket Overshirt
Paige Flannelshirt
H&M Jeans
RTA Boots


Urban Outfitters Bucket Hat
H&M Sweatshirt
H&M Jeans
Ankari Floruss Sneakers


H&M Bomber Jacket
H&M T-Shirt
Paige Chinos
Doc Martens


Urban Outfitters Bucket Hat
Vintage Trench Coat
H&M Turtleneck
Zara Skinny Jeans
Converse Pro Leather


Express Overcoat
Outerknown Sweatshirt
Dockers Chinos
Converse High Tops


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  1. You’ve EASILY became my new favorite channel to help me see what I have in my closet. I have a challenge: do something with purple. I haven’t seen many people successfully style themselves in that color. And yes, I have a purple shirt, so I’m low key looking for tips.

  2. Great video as always man I always enjoy the pieces you put together because it's everything I would wear myself. I feel like now I should work on experimenting more with monochromatic colors I have a few in my wardrobe but stepping out a bit more with it should be fun.

  3. Very nice, as always! Please make a video for each (from more casual to more dressy): many navy, many grey and many black monochromatic outfits. Thank you!

  4. hi marcel, i was just looking trough the links, and i think you either mixed the brown and gold chino names up in the vid, or in the links. i really like the caramel chinos and was hoping they were availeble at h&m in that colour. however the link says paige chinos. Help me out!

  5. Different shades/hues of the color is definitely what i think of when I think "monochromatic fit". I'm not trying to look like I'm wearing a uniform by having it all be the exact same color

  6. Man. You really deserve all of the subs in the world. Every look was phenomenal, and the range of casual to somewhat formal was everywhere! I loved each one. Killing it man


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