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We are on the nook of re-opening from lock down within the US. We have been having hardest time with quarantine due to COVID-19. I hope we will get again our life sooner.

Here is my outfit advice for 2020 S/S. I wore numerous fashion of garments. There is female costume for romantic date, easy knit and denims for campus. Also there’s a primary fashion of house put on and horny fashion for Friday evening!! Yeah!! In addition, I wore sports clothing for trendy yoggies.

I hope this video is useful to your every day trendy types. Please take pleasure in my video and be at liberty to depart a remark right here 🙂

Thank you for watching!

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Music by Ikson
Buddy, Deep Dive, Day Off, Up Here, Rooftop
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Music by Dyalla Swain
Need Someone
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  1. 세이하이~🖐🏻💖
    다른 컨텐츠 영상들 올리실때 옷 입는 센스가 좋으셔서 사실 늘 궁금했는데 이렇게 예쁜 옷들 직접 입어서 소개 해주시니까 쇼핑 뽐뿌가 제대로 옵니다🤩 옷들도 다 너무 이쁘지만 세이하이님이 입으셔서 더더 이쁜거 같아요ㅎㅎ 특히 전 시스루 블라우스에 검정 원피스 입으신룩이 취저입니다🖤 여러가지 다양한 옷들 소개해주시느라 옷 많이 갈아입으셨겠어요🤣 수고많으셨습니다💞 덕분에 눈호강 제대로 했어요😍


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