SPRING 2022 OUTFIT IDEAS FOR WOMEN // Join Joanna on a enjoyable day in SoHo attempting on totally different spring/summer season outfits (attempt on haul). Stay till the tip for likelihood to enter a HUGE GIVEAWAY.

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J E M M A was created to encourage girls to redefine life on their very own phrases. We are redefining what needs to be a purse and we’ll proceed to redefine collectively.

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  1. I really loved the orange dress, I think that would look good even on me! I really like the tea bag, and if I get my new job I intend to buy one if I don’t win! But it is timeless, classy, and sophisticated, and perfect for a new job!

  2. My favorite outfits where the white dress, the orange and the blue dress. All look outstanding and do a great pair with the bag. I love the bag is compact and has that elegant boxy look (Beats Mark Cross Box Bag).Would be perfect for going out with my friends and have some Tea! (Tea box) and run some errands too.

  3. My favorite outfit is number 4 – the orange structured dress. Simple, but elegant and looks great with the Tea Box Bag! What I like best about the Tea Box Bag is 1. The versatility of the strap – it can be a shoulder bag, crossbody bag, or just used with the handle. 2. The size is perfect! Not too big, but not too small either. 3. The classic look of the bag, The Tea Box Bag will never go out of style! Love it!

  4. I loved all of the outfits, as each is just perfect for a specific occasion, however, my favorite outfit was the silk dress!

    The things I love the most about the Tea bag is how is the bag versatile, which is perfectly showed in this video, as the bag fits perfectly with so many different outfits ! I am trying to build my capsule wardrobe at the moment, therefore I aspire for every piece of clothing, accessory or bag I own to be as adaptable as possible.

    Secondly, it not only fits every look but elevates each outfit as well! Just by adding the Tea bag, the look instantly becomes stylish and sophisticated.

    Last but definitely not least, it is a very well designed product – it is the perfect size (not too small or big), yet it fits everything you need (even a water bottle or a small book!) plus it keeps all your things organised.

    In my opinion, it is very hard to find a bag that is gorgeous, versatile and well designed!

  5. My favorite outfit is Outfit 4 – love the contrast between the single-tone orange dress and the Tea Box Bag! What I like most about the Tea Box Bag is that: 1) It’s versatile (because of the bag’s modern/chic look, it looks great with any outfit, and it can be used for both casual/formal events or work), 2) Its size is perfect for everyday use (it’s been difficult finding a bag that isn’t too small or too bulky!), and 3) It has great structure and functionality (e.g., it has enough room/support to even fit books and water bottles upright, the crossbody strap is removable, and it looks easy to find/access items inside the bag)!

  6. What a fabulous bag! Like many others, I also love the orange dress. The effortlessly classic look with the beautifully chic bag is such a perfect combination! The Tea Box bag is easily one of the best new bags I have seen this year. I love the timeless air that this bag possesses. Between its size, features, and gorgeous exterior, it is clear how much time and care has been placed into it. I love everything about the Tea Box!

  7. My favorite outfit you showcased was the white vest dress with the awesome bow on the back because it is chic and the price point was amazing! Classic with a twist to make it interesting and unique. 3 reasons that I’m currently stalking the tea box bag: 1. Completely chic and structured bag that shifts from day to night from fun to function in a blink. 2. I am always on the hunt for a unique bag that isn’t the norm that stands out from the crowd. 3. The name of the tea box bag just makes me so happy saying it and I can imagine myself getting complimented on it daily ❀️

  8. The structured tangerine dress coupled with the tea box purse was my absolute favorite. Loved the pop of color combined with the chic yet simple design. But the blue silky/satin dress also was such a wonderful date night outfit. My original JEMMA Emma gets so many compliments, & this purse is similarly an elegant accessoryβ€”(1) it has range with the strap/strapless options, (2) is chic, and (3) looks like it has so much space.

  9. The orange dress was my favorite. I love the structure, which is also one of the reasons I like the Tea Box Bag. The other two reasons: this bag is what I like to call a Lady Bag: a bag with a top handle that is a classic and will never go out of style; it’s big enough for all of the essentials but small enough to use every day. 🌻

  10. I love the cobalt blue cut out dress at the end…also the white sleeveless blazer dress with the bow at the beginning. Both classic with a twist, just like the tea box bag – one reason to love the tea box bag. Two more reasons: versatile as it can be dressed up or down, with or without the cross body strap; and the style and construction is so elegant that it elevates any look.

  11. I love the hot pink suit. I have a hot pink blazer and when I wear it with my LBD I feel like I command the room. Such a power move!! I would love the tea bog bag as well. For 1- it’s super versatile and can be taken to lunch as well as a fancy dinner. 2) it has plenty of space for essentials including my Maggie wallet and my 2 phones (work gets so crazy that 1 just isn’t enough sometimes). 3) the tea box bag has the signature lining that I love and is a classic design. It’ll be the perfect addition to my Emma 39 bordeaux that I bring to the office and the hospital daily 😍😍😍

  12. The pink skirt suit was my favorite. I could definitely see myself wearing that to work, then catching up with some friends after.
    For the Tea Box Bag,
    1) it's classic, I love timeless pieces that never go out of style.
    2) it's versitle, this bag can go with every type of outfit – work, play, evening, casual.
    3) it's the perfect size,the Tea Box Bag is not too small and not too big – just right .

  13. I have to say that the orange outfit was my favorite. The warm color POPPED against your skin tone in a good way. Three reasons why I love the tea box bag? 1. Minimalistic, it can fit all of my stuff whenever I go on errands or hang out with friends. It's a lot smaller compared to my Emma 37. 2. It's versatile since you can carry it in many ways 3. Looks highly sophisticated/chic.

  14. The beautiful blue dress was my favorite. The color and style was stunning. The orange dress loved too. 3 reasons I love the tea bag. The classiness. Small, but fits all you need. Timeless. I look forward to your new video every Sunday. ❀️