Check blazer (Laura wears 12, Kate wears 14):
White tee:
Cream denims:
Laura loafers:
Kate loafers:
Laura bag: Prada bag, different right here: and
Kate bag:

Zip jumpers (each put on M):
Cream trench:
Blue denims (Kate 14, Laura 10):
Veja trainers:
Laura bag:
Kate bag:

Navy blazer (Laura wears M, Kate wears L):
White prime(Laura wears 36, Kate wears 42):
Blue denims:

Cream zip knit:
Teddy gilet (Laura wears S, Kate wears M):
Trainers: Sold out, comparable right here:

Floral shirt (Laura wears 10, Kate wears 14):
Black trousers (Laura wears 10, Kate wears 14):
Laura Blazer:
Black loafers:

Leopard print costume:
Blcak scarf:
Laura blazer:
Black mules:

Shirt (Laura put on S and Kate wears M):
Laura skirt (dimension 10):
Kate trousers (dimension 14):
Black mules:

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  1. It is so helpful to see the same outfits beautifully done on different shapes and ages! I would ask for more side and back views for a complete view of of each outfit.

  2. Oh I love these series! such a great idea! Please do more. I love seeing you and your mom also wearing almost the same outifts. You get a picture how you can use the clothes you buy for a long time until you are in that beautiful ripe age β™₯ I truly enjoyed it! great job!

  3. Loved the video! Please bring mom on at least once a season! At age 58 I got some ideas from this video ❀️

  4. Thank you so much, very enjoyable video, I’m 75 years of age and I love wearing fashionable clothes also comfortable, luckily today’s fashion is that. You’ve helped me go from winter jeans and ankle boots to confidently go into spring outfits, well actually I’m weaning myself off jeans a bit and going for relaxed trousers instead, you have both given me the incentive to do that. Deanne xx

  5. I got my first bag last month @ and I’m hooked. Couldn’t nobody tell me different and i wear my that bag like its real. The quality is so good. Me, my replica bag and pandora jewelry out here walkin round like we some rich bitches lol.

  6. As a mom, and even a grand-mom myself, I really appreciate those videos. Your mom is lovely. Hope you're going to carry on this way from time to time. Hi from France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

  7. Hi Laura, thank you for doing these videos with your Mom. I am a huge fan of yours. I am over 60 and appreciate seeing you style your Mom with classics and modern pieces . I’d love to see more of β€œMom & Me” videos in the future Laura, I think you’re on to something since your following spans through various age groups. And of course it helps that Mom is an absolute stunner. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  8. What a wonderful πŸ’‘ idea to include your Mum in your videos πŸ‘…I follow many young ladies like yourself that are good at styling and fashion but I am more your Mums age and size….what I am really pleased with is…. that you both have short legs….🀣…I struggle to find trousers that are not a foot to long, so I shall follow your ideas where to shop. The last thing I wanted to mention is when you are not skinny enough to tuck tops in ( and the half tuck ) so more ideas of how to wear tops, please….I have subscribed to your channel and look forward to seeing more outfits with you and your lovely Mum….Jane North Wales 😊

  9. Hey! I’m desperate for the trench you are wearing but I don’t think the link is taking us to the correct one. I see yours is a trench style with details on the shoulder but the link takes me to the H&M twill coat and the detail seems different. Is this because your coat is no longer available 😒 x

  10. This is so refreshing to see a mum & daughter tandem wearing the same basics. Lovettttt!!!I πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸΎπŸ₯‚this is so helpful to many of us woefully when u style both in ways. Both of you are 😍 gorgeous! I am 65.. all the way from Manila Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ πŸ’–

  11. Hi there! I've just stumbled on your channel, having recently arrived in UK from Australia, so I'm looking for a bit of heads-up on where to shop. I really loved this edit of classic pieces for all ages (I'm 58) and I think you're really onto something coming at fashion and trends from this angle. So many retailers forget that women over 40 still want to look stylish, and put-together, but need to adapt to their non-teenage bodies! Your approach with your Mum is a winner! You both look great, and I'd wear everything you chose (I am similar coloring & body shape to Kate, just a bit taller). Bring on more of this please!!

  12. I love all these outfits, great job ladies, you both look beautiful! Unfortunately, I can’t wear a lot of these items because I can’t wear synthetics. I would love to find a patterned shirt like the last one in silk, cotton or linen.


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