As one of many best-selling singers alive, Cรฉline Dion is a family identify, for extra than simply her excellent vocal vary and enduring Las Vegas residency. Over 4 a long time, Dion has additionally grow to be a trend icon, embracing seems to be from the weird to the outright outlandish. And she credit each a kind of uncommon outfits with getting her the place she is right this moment, whether or not she’s worn them on or offstage.

So, which have been probably the most attention-grabbing? Where are just a few significantly outrageous outfits worn by Cรฉline Dion.

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The backward tux | 0:00
The cream-colored costume | 0:59
The headpiece and excessive slit | 1:31
Headline-making sleeves | 2:17
All white | 2:57
All legs and fringe | 3:19
An optical phantasm | 4:12
Asymmetrical | 4:36
Statement sleeves | 5:02
Bright blue jumpsuit | 5:49
Bright colours | 6:31
Head-to-toe floral | 7:33
Inner Sherlock Holmes | 8:38

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  1. Celene is fabulous.
    I was devastated to see her struggles with that awful new man in her life, he was like a country boy.
    She lost so much weight, was unable to make him go away.
    I've no idea where her security guards were.
    Celenes type is handsome, romantic, kind, careing, independent, loyal.
    I was so relieved when she announced he's not THE man in her life.
    He took way too much from her emotionally.
    Angelico her husband was THE man in her life. A fabulous couple they made life a dream.
    Love to you Celene.

  2. She always looks freaking amazing sheโ€™s too much for the children sheโ€™s too much for the old folks sheโ€™s too much for everyone which makes her particularly appealing to me๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’ซ

  3. She probably thought she would start a fad with that ridiculous backward suit. Her hair pulled back looks awful cause her face is to skinny. She's not very attractive but she sure can sing.๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Cadaverously thin, too shrill in her appearance and her singing. Different ears prefer different sounds but in my opinion but she canโ€™t hold a candle to Streisand

  5. I love Celine What a voice She looks beautiful in gowns and dressesI pants do not become her Also she should wear her hair down loose and flowing That slick back look ages her face Here's wishing her well on her way back to all of her fans.

  6. I didn't like any of those outfits, not because they're uncommon, but because even if they suit her they aren't really adding enough aesthetic value. She could have anything, the most beautiful and becoming gowns. It's her choice, of course, but it does seem like she's trying to compensate for something (maybe her shy style as a youngster) or trying too hard to distinguish herself from the rest. But it's her preference for whatever reason and just only my impression. Anyway, she's a dream-client for those daring designers.

  7. What a bunch of BS…Celine does not know how to put a good luck together even if her life depended on it. She is the typical looking Frenchman with tiny chin and no lips and with her hair pulled back, she is very lucky she at least has a good voice to make up for her looks and taste in fashion and design. l live in Quebec and l can't stand her. Anne Murray is Canada's darling for singing, certainly not Dion…

  8. She is to old and to skinny to wear all of that, she also needs to wear her hair down too It softens her facial features. I just don't know but she seems like she has an attitude problem.. She needs to let go because she is not all that.. Humble yourself a "little" please Celine.. Remember who you once use to be when you were younger. And give some love to the one above.. God.

  9. We saw her in Vegasโ€ฆ sheโ€™s changed a lot since then. She was feminine and softโ€ฆ now sheโ€™s more severe & pointed.


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