🧧Happy Lunar New Year~ 虎年大吉~🧧

🏮Lunar New Year Outfit 2021: https://youtu.be/Pz7nzlkNdh8
🏮Traditional Chinese Outfits Ideas (Girl ver): https://youtu.be/JK4gJXzCKmE
🏮Traditional Chinese Outfits Ideas (Boy ver): https://youtu.be/Ly6TtZEylFE
🏮Lunar New Year Outfit 2020: https://youtu.be/wE5FS2c339s


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  1. About finding patterns

    -Red pattern that I used the most can be found the Floral section

    -Tiger pattern can be found in Trendy section

    -Most of the pattern that I used are rather from Floral or Fancy Luxury sections

    For those who don't have the gamepass, you can just used the closed colour. For example, if I used red pattern, you can choose the colour red~~

    I hope this is helping~

    1 : 1:47

    2 : 2:47

    3 : 3:36

    4 : 4:35

    5 : 5:33

    6 : 6:31

    7 : 7:31

    8 : 8:24

  2. Ok so some girl just told me the last outfit from this video was offensive to her culture and accused me of cultural appropriation. Even though almost everyone else in the server said the outfit was ok.

  3. As a part of chinese, the last one is my fav! It's really pretty and thank you for making this video! I'm trying to make outfits based on my culture but i cant find the right items to use, I'll surely use the last one the most! Thank you! and Happy Lunar New Year! <3

  4. I’m so glad there’s a few videos for my culture. This is one of the biggest celebrated events in China and I’m so happy that people are starting to accept it in other countries as well.

  5. Oh god I am so glad its not in person lunar new year i dont like hugging all my aunties i dont even know lol (yes im chinese)

  6. 6:50 i love this outfit the most this is so incredible like amazing its like traditional opera sings type hair i love this awesome i will love to make a outfit like this i love Chinese operas so much so meaningful and joyful your so creative very good job <3 <3 <3 ngl you deserve a subscribe


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