20 Story Mode Outfits for Red Dead Redemption 2 Video Game from Rockstar.

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Cinematic Camera Mod By – Jotrius

Gameplay Action Scenes and Music – Voowg

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  1. Hi everyone, these are 20 of the more amazing outfits for Red Dead Redemption 2. Hope you enjoy the video.

    1. Blackwater Assassin Outfit 00:31
    2. Western Denim Outfit 01:02
    3. Hired Gun Outfit 01:23
    4. Gentleman Robber Outfit 01:42
    5. Gunfighter Outfit 02:13
    6. New Austin Huntsman 02:40
    7. Hosea inspired Outfit 03:08
    8. Charismatic Devil Outfit 03:26
    9. Bounty Killer Outfit 03:49
    10. Willard Rest Outfit 04:13
    11. Dapper Outfit 04:45
    12. Rhodes Rider Outfit 05:11
    13. Top Hat Outfit 05:37
    14. The Killing Joke Outfit 06:13
    15. The Heartlands Cowboy 06:36
    16. Devil In Man's Clothing 07:10
    17. The Prospector Outfit 07:48
    18. Outdoorsmen Outfit 08:13
    19. Bank Robbin' Outfit 08:48
    20. Strange Man Inspired Outfit 09:36

  2. Legend of The West
    Military scout hat tan
    Montana coat
    Legendary alligator vest
    Stand collar overshirt white
    Black dress tie
    Fancy pants black
    Deer half chaps
    Tornado boots black

  3. Hey I dont know if you're still doing outfit vids but I have one that I think you'll like I call it the shadow gunlslinger so what you'll need is the Gaucho hat,classic frock coat drover outfit,opulent vest gambler outfit,stand coller overshirt black,fancy pants gambler outfit,multitone half chaps black,preachers pride boots farrier outfit,kneller rider spurs red,puff tie red,range gloves,bandit weapon equipment

  4. Matrix inspired outfit
    No hat
    Black duster coat
    Black union shirt(buttoned up)
    Black everyday pants
    Black riding boots(under the pants)
    No spurs
    No gloves
    Upgrade gun belt
    Upgrade hoster and off hand love the vids voowg keep it up

  5. The Pro Robber

    Hat: Muskrat cavalry hat
    Jacket: Black duster coat
    Vest: Black classic vest
    Shirt: Black stand-collar overshirt
    Pants: Black Everyday pants
    Boots: Classic roper boots
    Chaps: Black Shotgun chaps
    Spurs: Black stenger spurs
    Gloves: Black Range gloves

  6. I have an outfit it's called the Legendar Huntsman here are the items you need
    Legendary bear hat
    Legendary alligator vest
    Legendary panther cloak
    Every day shirt (White) with neckerchief
    Legendary bear claw talisman
    Legendary alligator talisman
    Cuffed down pants (tucked in)
    Legendary bear roper boots
    No gloves
    Hope you guys like it

  7. These outfits are stylish and cool, yet are still realistic in the sense that they could have been worn back in those days, unlike the rdr online outfits which look way over the top.

  8. The blue ascot tie
    Is a neckwear exclusive to the whittemore outfit
    In chapter 4 the outfit can only be used in 2 missions
    A fine night at debauchery
    Banking the old american art
    Check out Arthur Morgan gaming (on youtube)
    On how to use the Whitmore outfit
    In free roam


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