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Color Black Size MEDIUM

Fragrances Mentioned:
1. Alien Eau Sublime –
2. Paco Rabanne Olympea –
3. Chloe Love Story –
4. Elia Parfum –
5. Ellen Tracy –

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  1. OMGNESS I love when you make these videos! I loved all of the outfits! The black and Burgany was my favorite and I love the pokadots heck, I'll rock all of them! You look so pretty boo. ❤🦃😘

  2. Loved this video. I’ve been wondering about chien! I especially liked the last outfit with the brown sweater…it looked great. Really enjoyed seeing what fragrance you paired with each look as well. Also, I’m so shocked that you are 5’4”….I always think people are taller- I thought you at were 5’7”!!! 😀

  3. I love the black blouse and also the pants. I can't wear their pants because I'm taller than you. They would look like ankle pants on me, I'm 5'7. Love the video!

  4. Everything looks sooo good on you 💕 these outfits are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the fact that they're all interchangeable, that's great!!! And the perfumes you chose, perfect 👌

  5. Vallivon you must be kidding that watch is everything. By the way, tell us where you get that watch? The second outfit you can go out for dinner absolutely classy for work and dinner. Of course, the perfumes are on point. I have them all thanks to you always watch your video never comment today I had to love the video.

  6. My two loves Fashion and Fragrance!! Yes love it!! I found a few things at Shein for my daughter and I. She’s pre-teen and I’m late 40’x. I like them. Thanks for sharing your finds.

  7. I don’t understand how people wear shoes in their house. That’s disgusting. 😖 Even before Covid. 1 in 3 shoes carries ecoli. 🦠

  8. Lady, you look amazing! Love the sweater choices! The neutral one looks great on you! Seriously your a model! Please do this all the time love it!


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