it is a historic deep dive into the affect of the military on trendy fashion and magnificence.

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  1. Thank you Beth. Really was very interesting and I too love learning about the why's and how's and the history behind things. Looking forward to more of the series

  2. Hi Beth, this a fun new series and I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it on You Tube. I never realized that the military had so much influence on our fashions over the years.

  3. Hi Beth. I just loved this! Your information was so interesting and I learnt a lot. I love learning about historical connections, especially with fashion. I can’t wait for your next session. Thank you for offering this video, something I haven’t seen before on YouTube. Bernardette 👚👖🥿

  4. Love this Beth. I think learning about fashion throughout the years is fascinating. Imagine throwing out that corset in the 20s. Revolutionary!! Love to you.

  5. I love this series starter? It has been a long hot minute since I studied fashion! I really love the history of how things came to be in fashion. Thank you so much!!
    Side note- My Mom was one of the first women in the Navy. That was a pretty gutsy move for a young woman who was sheltered and dressed for dinner. 😘

  6. This is such a great idea . Thank you I enjoyed watching this video 😊 Sending you much love all away from Belgrade, Serbia, Europe ❤❤❤


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