Here’s a have a look at some Outfits I used to be sporting this weekend in a Lookbook type video with some information on every Outfit. Hit that THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE in the event you’re new! Leave a remark and let me know which outfit you preferred greatest! Links to the Sneakers & Clothing are beneath!

Sneakers – Nike Air Jordan 1 OG “Black Toe” –
Black gentle wash tapered denims –
Champion Dark Red Script Logo Hooded Sweatshirt -
Coaches Jacket from Vans (camo bought out) –
The Win Collection Hat –

Jacker Erwin Brown Suede Chelsea Boot “ELLIS” –
Everlane Waffle Knit Sweater in Navy, below Hoody’s and sweaters -
Grab a layering Tee Shirt from Topman right here -
Cop a tommy Hilfiger Vintage dad hat on sale –

Kicks – Air Jordan Retro “AQUA” eight VIII –
Winter Topcoat from Dangerfield Canada in Black -
The Win Collection Long Sleeve T-shirt –

Hope you guys loved this Fashion Lookbook! Little Variety with the kicks from assortment. Let me know down within the remark part which sneakers & boots you’ve got been rocking and in the event you’re down with Chelsea Boots. New Winter lookbook dropping quickly! Appreciate ya’ll! – Eddie Win


  1. it feels like u were trying to force the chelsea boots with street fashion. no hate but i think its better if u went more contemporary with the clothing

  2. Chelsea boots are crazy dope I don't get why anyone would hate on you for wearing them. I'm super into men's wear and prefer it over street. I wear a lot of different boots and prefer them over sneakers.

  3. can you do a Chelsea boots look book i need some inspiration and ideas on how to dress with them. ive seen other peoples looks and im not a fan of their style but ur style is fresh af

  4. those chelseas are dope… I am afraid to pull the trigger on them becuase Im a bigger guy and Im not sure how it would look.. no store by me has them for me to try on

  5. I don't mean to slam you bro. You do pick out some good fits and I do enjoy your reviews but I gotta keep it a 💯 with you. My wave is the 80s retro look, that shit the b-boys used to rock. I like a lot of classic shit from the early 90s too. Find your own nitch and stop riding the Kanye wave

  6. You've got to stop biting off Kanye and find your own style. The chelse boots and the aqua 8s worn with the over coat is all heavy inspiration from Kanye. The Kanye imitations are just getting played out. Everybody is doing it and they're really starting to look silly out here. Kanye was able to pull it off bc he used extremely expensive clothing, the right body build and just the overall swag. Everybody else just looks funny trying to do what he did years ago now.

  7. I love all of these things but my fam is poor and im 14 so the mula I get is to buy anything under 100 every 3 or 4 months so is hard man. But your videos always calm me and you are a role model to me keep up the good content and dedication (I can't spell to save my life)


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