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  1. I would not be keeping the wet bikini bottoms on underneath, i’d be whipping them off as soon as i had the shorts on. Worst feeling ever wearing cold wet swimming costumes!

  2. Damn I really need to get out of my sweats and actually enjoy the clothing in my closet Thanks for another great video. That lemon coloured top was so lovely!!

  3. I love these videos 😁 On the back of Renaissance Dad on Holiday could I just say –
    thanks for making the oversized hats fashionable. I've got one similar and I said to my mate 'do I look like Ermintrude from the Magic Roundabout in this?' She said 'No, you look more like a character from Miss Marple' – I responded 'Excellent, that would be my ideal fictional look!' 🤣 Jo x

  4. I’m watching your video while my husband is doing some DIY stuff in the living room and he chuckles. I ask, “are you laughing at her hat?” (Sorry Anna!!) and he goes, no, it’s just every time I see her I want to say ‘you look wonderful!’ 😂

  5. Anna, have you ever heard about color analysis art? It's a method of determining the colors of clothing and makeup that harmonize with a person's skin complexion, eye color, and hair color. I think you'll love this!

  6. jog bottoms when i'm staying safe indoors & just my trusty next jeans if i do have to go out ( which i am still sticking to only twice a week ) i have not even been on a bus yet


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