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  1. You are looking great, like you I am overweight and a type 2 diabetic and I get some horrible comments like you do, although I am not on you tube so I can give very candid responses back 😊 you are doing so well and are an inspiration, keep going and to all the haters just get lost, you aren’t welcome if you can’t give this lovely lady encouragement then find some where else to direct your hate or even better take a long look at yourself!

  2. Congratulations! You're doing an amazing job! Choosing not to have a birthday cake for your health is a huge deal! Awesome will power! Your clothes are getting way too big for you now. I love all of those low carb wraps. There is a tomato and basil flavor too. You can get the plain and the spinach wraps at Sam's and Costco for a much cheaper price. They will ship them too!😊

  3. Hey sis you know we love our β˜• I told you don't go to short but a little shorter. You already pretty queen but you. Will see a big change in your face I know I'm thick I went a little shorter and wow I said. To the mirrow girl who you πŸ˜†

  4. Yes, the clothing costs seem to be the most expensive part of loosing weight. Your dresses are straight enough that I think you could play with making curved side seams; tuck them in at the waist or starting from the arm pit through the waist and then back out to the original as needed for the hips.

    But, do you know what body darts are? The point of the front body dart should line up with your bust apex while the tip of a back body dart should line up with the bottom tip of your shoulder blade. Unless your body is uneven on one side versus the other – what is important is that each side is the same. The same distance from the side seam, they begin and end at the same place, and should be as deep as the other side. Try putting your dress on inside out, then have Haley pinch the fabric between thumb and forefinger to decide where to place the body darts how long, and how deep; then pin them in (and/ or hand baste them in). Your striped dresses are of good enough quality that the stripes pretty much line up. As you pinch-and-pin your body darts in, work to keep the stripes even. – Im thinking the black dress with white strioes you're wearing could definitely use some body darts in the back; maybe the front too.

  5. Hi Kristal. Hope you enjoyed your birthday πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³ what did Tim buy for your birthday πŸŽ‰. Would like to see what he's bought his loving wife. Your hair looked nice short. Showlder length. Love to you all Maria πŸ’— xx