Join Trinny Woodall for immediately’s outfit of the day, celebrating the alternative to embrace an elegant winter white. Love it or hate it, sporting white in the winter could make for a wonderful outfit –Trinny pairs a cool bright-white jumper with a warm-ecru maxi skirt and cream Celine coat for a tonal look. When sporting tons of pale shades, go for glowy make-up that makes your pores and skin look wholesome and well-rested; cream-based bronzer, a wash of shimmer on the lips and cheeks, and a contact of mattifying Miracle Blur the place you are feeling you want it. The good recipe for a glance that’s cosy, clear and stylish…

Join Trinny Woodall as she talks us via her outfit of the day. Whether or not it’s head-to-toe print, smooth pastels, or a monochromatic second, the What Not To Wear co-author offers us her routine hit of fashion recommendation with thought of style hauls, accent ideas, and the good make-up tutorial to go together with. Whether or not it’s a half-tucked shirt, a press release belt, or costume styled back-to-front, count on a press release lip or a smoky eye on the aspect…


  1. I have around 70 coats, and just bought my first ever cream one (I do have a fluffy white one that I love to wear on a night out, but this is a structured every day coat). I wear a lot of colour, a lot of leopard print, but since having a baby and my figure changing shape, I just don't feel confident in white or cream, but still want to wear my new, cream coat. What colours/items would you put with it Trinny? ❤️
    It's wool, single breasted , a sort of dirty cream, and comes to just above the knee. Looks good done up or undone. I'm a stacked white trainer, or Doc Martens (of which I have every colour and style) sort of a girl if that helps

  2. You are always radiant in white, any time of year. Struggle so much with white, but would love to welcome it more.
    Saw your Youtube stories this morning. So right about re-set. If we want to be truly kind to others we have to also be kind to ourselves. ❤

    The world is crazy at the moment. So many suffering work related stress. Big love to all the retail, small businesses and creatives. Wasn't so long ago the British people bailed out the banks. Time they helped out. Save jobs = save lives.

  3. White in winter…love it. Your brows look fantastic! How do you keep them looking so good? We seem to be going back to the fuller looking brow.

  4. to everyone that's reading this: you are worthy of love and happiness, never allow anyone to tell you otherwise! I wish all of you plenty of health and strenght during this tough times. I love you, you got this, you are strong, never forget that!❤️


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