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  1. Hey i just wanted to say if i have permission to post a new character on my channel that has the afro hairstyle i could credit you if you would like
    (including the other hacks)

  2. Please pin this

    As everybody knows about gacha heat…. gacha life and gacha ckub could we deleted on April 10 Because of This! And we all don't want that that's Terrible! THOSE NASTY DISGUTING GROSS GACHA HEATERS NEEED TO STOP THIS THE MORE YOU COOY AND PASTE THIS THE MORE THE GACHA HEATS WILL REALIZE THAT GACHA HEAT IS BAD!!!!a 9 year ood girl did gacha heat and when she hit 10k subscribers she was forced to delete her youtube channel! Luni Is Trying To stop this It's not Just Luni's Job WE NEED TO HELP LUNI STOP THIS THE MORE WE SPREAD THE MORE PEOPLE REALIZE! WE ALL WANT THE KID FRIENDLY GACHA BACK PLEASE COPY PASTE THIS AND COMMENT IT ON EVERY VIDEO BASED ON GACHA PLEASE WE DON'T WANT GACHA TO BE DELETED AND WE DON'T WANT LUNI TO GIVE UP!

  3. 3:13 she has a gap in her mouth just like my little brother has a gap looking like spongebob and there black on one of HES tooth with the gap LMAO

  4. Yess i needed this!!!

    I make mini movies by screen shoting it and watching it myself

    I made one in gacha life before it was cringe but not rlly-

    But thank you for this i needed this!! Keep up the great work queen!

    Ok, so we know the Gacha community is dying. And I have an idea to get it slightly back. Create a Glmm or a Gcmm, an old one like if I was in replaced, If I was in the hated child, those old mini movies about the "Alph" stuff like that. And when you post it, use the new tag- #getgachaback Please copy this and get it pinned on as many videos as you can, in our effort to save the Gacha community. This is is all I got lol- but I'm serious. I want our old community back. I really hope this works.
    ( Not the Original comment. )


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