Boob tape is considered one of my go-to outfit / woman hacks! Here I share my suggestions & methods for HOW TO USE BOOB TAPE in two totally different kinds to go well with totally different outfits!

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  1. Its deceptive imo. Why not just be proud with what u have. Your obviously gorgeous & are built nice. Plus when Guys see the girls smashed together way up high, we eother think Implants or pusjip bra & we know they don't sit like that on their own.

  2. Кто нас грабит: Владимир Потанин ("Путин"), "вор в законе", сейчас Конституцию
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  3. Thank you. Ordered a pretty dress but its backless. Was looking at the review photos with women with bigger boobs than me wondering how they were getting boob support. Will try this.

  4. Wow, beautiful 😍 I like your lips, eyes & love everything about you! How can I send you my business card? hope we friends to get to know each other let me know.

  5. Kates Beauty Station belle tette uaò uaò uaò uaò sexy sexy sexy biutiful biutifui biutiful tenchiu da Paolo toscana italia Buon Natale 👍👍👍🍑🍑🍑❤❤❤💔💔💔👄👄👄🙋

  6. I came across this video trying to find a solution for my revealing new years look lmao. It was SO helpful! It's ordered and I can't wait for it to get here 🙂 xx

  7. You said we can use coconut oil or any type of body oil to remove adhesive. But which one did you use? I went right over to that website and used your code. Really appreciate the video.


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