Outfit Customization Update + Patch Notes! State of Decay 2 – Clothing, Weapons & More! Update 11 #StateofDecay2

Patch Notes Here – https://support.stateofdecay.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034631431-Update-11-Outfit-Customization-

•Weapon Fix Tip https://youtu.be/EK-iID8Y8Xw
•Fast Influence https://youtu.be/EK-iID8Y8Xw
•Unlimited Weapons https://youtu.be/qFQGKlB1TnQ
•Beginner’s Guide https://youtu.be/1S7SO5d-tIE
•Heartland DLC https://youtu.be/yUxNwEwr8vo
•Plague Wall Tips https://youtu.be/R-UAV70nUqA
•Bounty Update https://youtu.be/eVEyhboBzNk

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  1. I think it's cool they are still producing content for this game, however is outfits really what the community wanted ? Here's a list of things that would be nice to see added

    1) New map, tired of the 3 maps and the heartland map is half of the old state of decay map
    2) New bases, the heartland dlc base was pretty awesome. It would be cool to have a hospital or abandoned military base, or a giant mansion or something.
    3) Literally any other way to earn prestige besides the grindy nonsense of daybreak
    4) New buildable options for bases, and or further upgrading options for build plots. Let's say A lvl 4 watch tower that costs 50 resources, requires computers, and craftsmanship, and reduces zombie threat by 12 and gives a morale boost or something crazy.
    5) New outposts, I frequently run out of parts at all times, it's extremely obnoxious and really limits what you can and can't do. Wanna build a gun, you need parts, wanna fix a weapon, you need parts, wanna use the toilet, you need parts. It would be great to have an outpost that gives me parts, or an outpost that is expensive but gives you two things like fuel and parts.
    6) Characters that don't run out of stamina after swinging a wrench 6 times, they are survivors of a zombie apocalypse, not some out of shape slobs.
    7) Less random outbursts due to morale, had a red talon recruit today who wasted resources "fortifying" for the 3rd time to improve morale despite my morale being almost maxed. His fortification ability that grants materials is useless if he wastes 6 materials everyday acting a fool.
    8) Different zombies, ever zombie game has something like a bloater, a screamer, and a juggernaut, diversify a bit Undead Labs, be a trend setter, not a trend follower.
    9) Harder game mode, the hardest game mode is more irritating than difficult, if you wanna make it hard eliminate all regular zombies, make the whole map special zombies, or plague zombies and special zombies.

    I can literally think of 25 more things i'd like to see before more outfits, when did outfits even become a thing in video games. Seems like a way to do a lazy update and call it content versus putting that energy into something useful in game. I don't understand the need for a cool shirt, and a nice hat, this isn't real life people, it needs to be removed from video games all together. Most games even charge money to change your shit nowadays, real $$$ people, if this was even in video games back 5-10 years ago it was free.

    Wise up

    I will gladly support undead labs and pay for another 10-15$ dlc, as they support the community and continue making content, but it has to be worth while, not a new shirt and pants.

  2. Since the update the survivor AI seems to be screwed up. My followers dont engage, fight, get in vehicles promptly or protect me while im looting like they would before? Were there any changes to that? Like i had 2 followers just chill while i searched a shelf and they let a zomb just walk in past them and let em monch on me. and its been happening a LOT.

  3. Am I the only one who has noticed my survivors never leave the base on their own unlike in the 1st game? I'd like to be able to send some survivors out into the land to gather loot from certain building while I am just.

  4. They should add zed skins so you can blend in with hordes imagine searching thru an infested house surrounded by Zed's or guiding a massive horde towards a hostile enclave xD

  5. Pretty interesting Game played the first Game too but did not saw a lot of improvement on the second installment. Played It for about 30-40 Hours but lost interest very soon. I think there is not enough content to keep you interested. Maybe they should add events like raiding groups from other Towns or "wars" from one faction to another in a 10 / 10 battle or they try to rush your base with vehicles and explosives and stuff like that. But after a time its always the same shit the same messages the same annoying survivors

  6. is this just for the main game or is it part of the story mode too… I just came back to thegame and i see the story mode and i want to play but i noticed it does not have the drops i start with inthe main game

  7. To get the skull hoodie quick find a police car or ambulance, use the siren to draw big crowds and throw molotovs, it will require hitting a few fuel outposts for rucksacks but it goes quick

  8. The updates for this game are laughable. How about a dlc with a new map? New missions that have a storyline? Yall really excited about being able to change the shirt and hat?? lol YOu cant even change the pants or shoes, or gloves etc and its not even that many different options of clothing. Undead Labs sucks ass! This game could have been great. Lazy fucks

  9. Yo I knew something was missing I haven’t played for awhile and only Came back for outfits and the hoodie with the ears isn’t in the damn outfits thing for me


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