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———⛓️Links from the episode⛓️———
👟Current Terrex sneakers:
🧦Wool socks:
👖Those Pants:
Those Pants within the UK:
🦺Dklein Chrome Vest Tell them you need extra:
🧥Current Nano Air:
🐑Chrome Merino T:
🤠That Hood Thing:
👓 Those Glasses:

——Not proven however Highly beneficial——
☁️Ultra Light Puffer:
👖Puffer Pants:

——Camper Van Gear——
🚐 Vehicle: 2020 Ram ProGrasp City
🛠️Build out by AVC RIG:
🛻My RC truck:
🔋 Power Supply:
☀️ Solar Panel :
🧊Iceco 12L Fridge:
♨️Trangia Stove:
🚿 Portable Shower:
🍌Perfect Van Slippers :
📥 Collapsible Crates:
🌡️ Simple Fridge:
🪑Camping Chair:
🏓 Big Agnes Camp Table:

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———————-Current Gravel Bike Set Up:———————
🚲Gravel Bike: Wilier Triestina Jena x lЖLEIN :
🕹️Monocoque Handle Bars :
🎡 Favorite 650b Wheels :
🦅 Fly Like an with Sram E-tap
Specialized Pathfinder tires 🔥
💦 Sealant I Love : UK:
Bicycle Saddle Bag (waterproof) 👝 UK:
💻 Cycling Computer:
📶 Cycling Computer mount UK:
🎈 Cycling MTB Frame pump: UK:
Cycling Lights:(Trail 1000 and Vis 180 Pro) 🔦
🤕 Tubeless Tire Patch Kit UK:
🍼 Cycling Biodegradable Bottles : UK:
🕸️Elite Side mount bottle cage: UK:

————Cycling Gear: Soft Goods————
👛 This Waist pack :
🚰 This Water Filter: with this bag improve: People swear by this water filter(I’ve but to attempt it):
⛑️Cycling Helmet : UK:
🌂 Packable Cycling Rain Jacket : UK:
👙 These Bibs Rock: UK:
🩳 I Love Over Shorts : UK:
👠 SHOES: Giro Privateer Lace : UK:
📜 All Other Riding Gear :

———————-📹Camera Gear📷———————
📜Camera Gear multi functional place (US solely) :
UK Camera List:
📹 On Bike Camera:
🤫 Secret Mount:
📷 B Roll Camera :
🎥 Studio Camera:
🎙️Studio Camera Mic :

💃🏻 From Chances with Wolves:
🎞️ Animations by:

———————-Host data———————-
Dustin Klein: Working Artist, Lifestyle Cyclist, Maker.
🌎 RidewithGPS:

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  1. The gear is what makes or breaks a ride. You should be able to fix most things mechanically, but if you're improperly dressed, you cant recover. I mean, the only time anyone ever has to turn around is because they don't have proper clothing or have very weird mechanical failures they can't really prepare for.

  2. It's more fun to pronounce it, "Fee – Y'all Raven" with a faux-Swedish twang that sounds more like a bad German accent. Their Abisko shorts are my go-to riding shorts for gravel and MTB (even though they are marketed as "Trekking" shorts).

  3. Nice Fjall Raven Vidda Pro trousers! I have always been more of a Barents Pro person myself because of my long legs (36" inseam). Take a look at the Bergtagen model for an even fancier version. If you want to try some sweet vests check out models using Polartec Alpha. Still one of the most breathable insulating materials I own. Just make sure it has an outer layer on it.

  4. Yes friend more videos like this! , We need your designs again in the world of cycling and lifestyle , let's make Cadence great again. greetings from Argentina !

  5. I'm glad I got one of the vests when they were making them. A crucial layering item for me! You skipped talking about the hat though! So Dustin…tell us about your hat?

  6. Damn Fjallraven has no chill. 30" inseam is specially designated "short" and only comes in three colors, all of them dark. :C

  7. Would love to know what kind of cold weather hats specifically you like for riding! I love the one with the ear flaps you wear but haven’t been able to find a similar one online.

  8. Funnily enough have,since 1970’s been on the search for ‘perfect gear!’.. got through many fleece,down,wool jackets,trousers,gloves,socks and on the bike Castilli for many years,now an explosion of great cycling clothing. Living now in Co Donegal on Ireland’s NW Coast a great many rain jackets!! Have a North Face Sleeping bag bought in California in 1980.. in 1995 sent it back to North Face as the zip went. They fitted a new zip, filled out the down filling and repaired a small tear..charged me a nominal £20!!! Still using it now,over 40 years old. Hard to beat great quality gear.

  9. Nice one Dustin, spotted the ‘pants’ Trousers on one of your other vids, so this was perfect, and a UK link in the notes – you star! Yes you should do more short apparel vids like this, you’re very good at it, seems natural and fun for you, and that works for us. And……. it’s educational, because most of us have not an clue about how garments are designed and made.

  10. Love these recommendations DK. Solid shit as usual. Please please do a diy help guide to adding awesome back pockets to your jackets, shirts, etc. All my cool clothing should have back stretchy pockets. Show us the way. thanks again for the channel. You, Ron, et al. need to come down and do the Corvallis to Coast trail sometime.

  11. would be great if you could name that gear too and not only link them. those backcountry links just go into nirvana in germany as they get redirected to the bergzeit mainpage (their local store)

  12. “Tell me about your gear..”

    Good prompt you could use on your rides with friends. I almost always pause the vid to check out Ron’s fit since he always has an interesting setup/gear


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