Nova Oasis

I hope this video gave you some new outfit concepts 🙂 Thanks as at all times for watching!
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Jumpsuit: Revolve: LPA
Belt- Urban Outfitters
Coat- Guess
Shoes- Zara
Scarf- Asos

Pants- Revolve: Majorelle
Shirt-Urban Outfitters
Boots- Mango
Hair Clip- Urban Outfitters
Coat- Zara

Boots- And Other Stories
Jeans- Agolde
Top- Verge Girl
Coat- Rag & Bone

Sweatshirt- Asos
Jacket- Thrifted
Jeans- Agolde
Shoes- Asos
Sunglasses- Asos

Top- Revolve: Majorelle
Coat- Guess
Scarf- Free People
Shoes- Mango
Jeans- GRLFRND Denim
Beret- Asos

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  1. is this Boston? coz I've always loved our older style apartment buildings and seriously think Boston is like my fav <3 (considering I live 30 mins away haha)

  2. Awesome as always. Im going to NY in the beginning of May, what is the weather like then? What type of clothes would you suggest i bring with me? (Visiting Florida the week before).

  3. So glad to finally see fashion focused stuff and not just vlogging and the like. I mean you're awesome, but personally, I follow youtubers for what I can learn from them (fashion and beauty, in this case), not to know about their lives. But yeah I guess a lot of people do like that. I can still go to older videos.

  4. How do you organize your closet?? Sometimes I’ll forget about certain items of clothing in my wardrobe, and your so good about bringing back older pieces in your closet.

  5. Hi guys! I’m new to YouTube, I just posted my first video! It would mean the world if you’d go check it out. Nowhere near as gorgeous as Tess’s content, but I’m just getting started 😊

  6. Thanks a lot for the sharing! If you could put the purchase links down below , it’d be really great! Because I had a hard time looking these things up, and would appreciate the help!

  7. Can you do an inexpensive spring ootw or lookbook? I’m currently looking for trendy spring pieces that are in that price range and would love to see your take on it because you are the queen of dupes.

  8. Sometimes when I try to recreate an outfit I’ve seen, I think I look like a fool bc it’s out of my comfort zone😂


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