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  1. Thanks :). Yep I'm tall and girl my stomach got so big at the end of last year I had to change my diet and get a trainer…it's almost gone now thank God.

  2. Thanks :). I got a just a little one now….one month of clean eating and resistance training has brought it down a whole lot hence me making outfits of the day again.

  3. Hey Splinta!!! Thanks hun:). Girl you should check out ASOS if you haven't already….you'd love there dress. I have a been collected them for a while.

  4. Yes I do see gray as a neutral color too…wish I had a hot pink or blue to rock with the dress. Curves….LOL. I want some so bad but I'll work my straight self lol.

  5. LOL….more legs!!!! Lucky for you a party dress is in the line up for next friday :). But black lippy is a no no…gonna leave that for the younger ladies.

  6. Voted! Hopefully he wins! Outfit looks great. Love the faux bangs. In general I really like how you have been wearing your hair since you darkened your hair. Cheers!


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