Gentlemen listed below are 5 nice summer time appears for the mature man! Put away your sandals your blue jean shorts and that ugly T shirt and step into trend!
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  1. Nothing fashion about the outfits. Shorts and t-shirt everyone wear that in summer…. And the belt showing off it’s a no no.
    The only cool thing was the vans and converse.

  2. I would have to drop about 90 1bs easily to wear any of these outfits. Once I hit my 30s I stopped shopping for new clothes because of my weight gain and how my clothes would not fit. Shopping wasn't fun no more.These past 20 years I've fallen in deep depression and anxiety due to low testosterone, My wife has contributed to my depression over the years and weight gain with her poor decisions . This year is the 1st time where I'm begining to take care of me,my mind,my body & my money.


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