This needs to be considered one of my favs! My mother is the CUTEST, and we had a lot enjoyable! I hope you guys get pleasure from Xx
L I N Ok S (the dimensions I attempted on & the dimensions my mother tried on)
Crewneck Sweatshirts(S&L)-
Mid-rise Sweatpants(M)-
Lounge Shorts(S)-

Denim Jacket(S)-
Midi T-Shirt Dress (XS&M)-
*extra strong colors-
*striped options-

Floral Midi Dress w/ Button Top (M)-
Floral Mini Dress (XS)-

Cami Maxi Dress (M)-
Mini Dress w/ Tie Shoulders (XS)-

Light Was Denim Shacket (S)-
Medium Wash Denim Shacket (L)-
Luxe Striped T (M)-
Ribbed Knit T (XS)-
Extra High Waisted Leggings (XS&M)-

Brown Shacket (S&M)-

GOOD VIBES Sweatshirt (XS)-
O.G. Straight Cut-off Shorts (0)-
Floral Button Down Top (M)-

Floral Pajama Set (XS) *I can solely discover the pant & high set, ready for the brief set to be obtainable on-line and I’ll replace the hyperlink!-

Half Zip (XS)-

Blowfish Sneakers (8)-
Heeled Mules (7.5)-
Studded Steve Madden Slip On Sandals (8)-
White Booties (related)-
My mother is 5’5” & wears a measurement 10 jean

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 120lbs
Bra: 30D
*Bust: 33 inches
*Waist: 25.5 inches
*Hips: 36 inches
Shoe Size 7.5
For day by day updates observe me on instagram @missryleejade
Business inquiries-


  1. Well thanks to your mom I’m off to use a few links to old navy!! I loved everything you both wore but that white dress on you both looked beautiful!! Nice choice in the clothes and ive never wanted to try old navy leggings but I will now!!
    Cheers and love from Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  2. Since you disabled comments on your new merchandise video I will vent here…..what and where on gods green earth made it seem like putting β€œShitshow” across a sweatshirt for WOMEN…especially MOTHERS…was a good idea? I love your videos, however after todays of your new β€œShitshow” merchandise, I have to seriously question the sanity of that. I mean, what do you tell your two kids when they ask, β€œmommy, what does your new shirt say”? You just lost a subscriber. Thumbs down for your new merchandise girl.

    As my young daughter just said, β€œno one wants to wear a shirt that says a bad word.” 🀣 and I whole heartedly agree with her.

  3. I've heard of people using dress weights to keep their skirts from blowing up in high winds. I imagine they'd work to keep a dress liner from creeping up as well. It was lovely to see a mother and daughter having such a great time together on a clothing try-on haul. You are a talented vlogger. Tfs.

  4. Y’all are cute! My daughter and I our styles are different! She’s 38 and I’m 66 and actually I’m way more hip and stylish than her! So funny! My granddaughters love when I pick their clothes out! But I watch a lot of hauls and just love clothes! She’s not as much into them as me! To mom! I’m in Alabama! I’m sure you are loving Florida! We go there a lot!

  5. Yes please do more videos with your mom. The two of you not only have great chemistry together and comfortable in front of the camera each shared different things you liked or didn't about each piece that was helpful as a viewer to think about these points as we are making our shopping lists. Modeling different sizes side by side was helpful too. I'm a size medium like your mom and style wise wear both of your styles (hem lengths and cropped tops/standard length). You might have to fly to FL even more than you might otherwise to have fun and hang out together and make this a regular feature on your channel-pretty please. Not that you need more convincing but it could be a business tax write off too.πŸ’•