In this video we noticed NLE Choppa outfits from “100 Shots”, “Famous Hoes” and “Walk Em Down”.

Links to objects from “100 Shots”:
Links to objects from “Famous Hoes”:
Links to objects from “Walk Em Down”:

More NLE Choppa outfits:

Instagram with Rappers:
Instagram with Sportsmens:
Instagram with Models:

For industrial affords:

First beat by Fatigonrunit (
+ Listen:
Second beat by Fatigonrunit (
+ Listen:
Third beat by by Veles (
+ Listen:

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  1. Why do some rappers wear ever day street clothes but they end up costing so much like the whole point is to flex and half of us don’t even know what they got on

  2. Any one know what the new balences be called the look Pretty fire . I know new balance but like what type like for example nike air force 1 . like that new balance what please let m3 know.its on Walk em down

  3. Idk if Choppa will see this but take care of yourself man. I know you’ve maybe Been in a dark place lately and I know things can get though but it does get better. Talking to people helps a lot. Take care of yourself man 👍👍✊


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