NIKE VS ADIDAS | Men’s Outfit Challenge | Which Brand Is Better?

Which model do you guys want? Let me know within the feedback👇🏼

Full Nike Outfit:
Hoodie –
T-Shirt –
Joggers –
Trainers –

Full Adidas Outfit:
Hoodie –
T-Shirt –
Joggers –
Trainers –

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  1. I like both but I’m leaning towards Nike because I’m a big dude and they have shit in my size all the cool jackets & hoodies, adidas shit be too small especially their really cool shit.

  2. Ugh so sad u didn’t like the tech fleece 😩 by Nike I agree I wouldn’t pay the that price but I love mine but everyone has a different fit

  3. for me i like the Quality of the Nike but for the Comfy i like the Adidas, Thanks josh for Sharing this and also can you also make a review for Puma and Reebok

  4. Both are good brands. But Josh, you should try this really nice brand called Sulfit…….haha. I totally think an all-black Sulfit jogger with zip hoodie would beat them both based on the pieces here. In looks and fit. I'd go with the black Sulfit and some Air Huarache's. Have you ever owned any Huarache's? And if you could only wear one Adidas trainer for like a year which one would you choose? Just when I am about to buy some new trainers in Adidas or Nike….I always buy another color Huarache…lol.

  5. American's pronounce "Ny-kee" because it's an American company and that's how the owner pronounces it.

    Any other pronunciation is just butchering the name of the brand

  6. the quality of both is similar but the design and variety is better adidas dobre all in the footwear, in your comparison I liked more the shirt and the buso of nike.

  7. I recently were looking for joggers and i have to say that nike has better fit all day but the prices are high as hell. Went for reebok but the knees stretch out really fast.

  8. I agree Josh it’s also Adidas for me too, that’s my preference. I like the new demo of the black t shirt you are wearing for sulfit new launch, I will be purchasing one of them. Keep up the good work m8. Keep them videos coming, cheers.

  9. Depends on who you are – I'm 6"6 and find that Nike fit a lot better for joggers and trainers, but adidas for t shirts and hoodies


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