The new Jelly Shoes are out in Royale High! I’ll clarify the way to get the mystery sneakers, and present you some cute outfit concepts utilizing the sneakers.
💕Open Me!💕

-Mermaid halo 2020 is within the fountain! Go get it fast lol
-Series coming quickly :0

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Roblox Username: IAmPrincessRoyale
Roblox Group:!/about

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Why the Halloween Halo 2019 is a Scam:
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  1. I can't buy it because I just buy a gloves like the dear dolly? Or… Nvm I'm saving it up because I have no shoes and I want one shoes but all expensive now its so cheapppp its my chancs

  2. Please reply to this comment if you have DOTD Ancestor's Skull
    Thanks! (I'm offering: Kimono Sleeves, Bodise, Skirt, Sky High Ballet Heels [ Rumored to be REWORKED!] and some other stuff.)

  3. I've thought of this idea originally but can you pretty please do ROYAL HIGH RIDDLE since I can't do it I was going to ask you :3
    Yep nobody saw this I'm dooomed-

  4. Can you do outfits with the sf Cape?I'm really struggling to make a cute outfit with it,I spent so much on it and I don't know how to wear it,this will really help


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