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– How did Dinty do selecting out my date night time outfit?
– The benefits of longer hair:

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  1. I like the top and the coat, it’s crazy what a coat can do for any outfit. Unfortunately your days of wearing a coat in SoCal are numbered. Not feeling the pants, I would never wear those even if they were longer.

    Also shoutout to the sun for making an appearance.

  2. Hi Joseph. I need to talk some serious matter to you. I am a poor guy that i cant actually afford your products. So i am begging you to give me a product of Blumaan for free to make my wavy hair stay holded. I will be always thankful to you if you do this favor for me.

  3. These pants just scream you trying to hard…definitely not something I would wear for date night or any other occasion actually. I like jacket and knitted polo… just not together.

  4. Hey man have you ever thought about doing a review on Lox’s Hair Wax Company. I’ve recently found them. Their HQ is in PA. Seems to have good products. But really would like to know your thoughts about it. Your products are the bomb though! I have everyone you have on the market.

  5. I subbed to your channel earlier this year after I randomly stumbled across it. I honestly had no interest about hair styles or supplies prior to watching your videos. I'm 38 turning 39 this year and I've gone through plenty of hair styles but was always a year late on what was the in thing. I never bought anything premium for styling. Regular hair gels were always my go to thing. Never used a brush in my life. I was 1st introduced to Pomade through your videos. I went out and bought American Crew just to test the waters. I wasn't going to cheap out on my own budget. It's a pretty interesting pruduct. The more I used, the more I brushed, the more I wanted my hair to start growing out. I just want to thank you for opening my eyes on hair care. Now it's been about a month of dabbling and I'm looking into trying your products. I enjoy watching your videos and getting insights on what's in the market.


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