My classic garments assortment is my go-to each time I need to create outfits which have extra private model. They’re uncommon, distinctive items that when paired proper give me loads of styling choices with out wanting dated.

I’m certain this video offers you loads of outfit concepts on what to do with thrifted, pre-loved or classic clothes.


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  1. Other options for removing smells from vintage clothing: Sunlight. Not just outdoor air but hang directly in the sun for a few hours or Freeze for 24 hours. Often the smell is from bacteria and freezing kills bacteria( or any thing else that might be hiding). or lastly, seal in a closed container with an open container of baking soda. Be careful not to spill. Baking soda is an odor absorber. I collect vintage and these have worked wonders for me.

  2. The vodka trick is great for especially delicate items that can't be machine washed at all! I learned that from a wardrobe person from my old work who used to spray costumes with it. But if the item can be machine washed, I use white vinegar first and saturate the item before washing. Omg, your brown trousers are incredible! You look so good in that style trouser and I adore vintage clothing. Been collecting pieces for a while now and think they are timeless and made so well. I can't believe 90's is vintage, but so is early 2000's now too!

  3. I have many vintage garments in good condition– bought them new at the time at warehouse sales. Now I look for items to update those pieces & add more visual interest. Thanks Daria for this review/ tutorial!

  4. I’ve tried two of the vintage shops you link on your website and have been very happy with the items and communication. Small curated shops do the quality control for you if you don’t have time to pick through garments at multiple larger shops, although you do pay a higher price for that service.


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