Hereโ€™s the whole lot you missed from the 2022 Met Gala, from the most important traits to the {couples} that rocked the carpet. Sponsored by Smartwater.


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  2. From a conservationist perspective, it's a crime they allowed her to wear it. She looked fine but there were many more amazing moments that night. Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, Lizzo, Sebastian Stan, I could go on, I have no idea why the Kardashians took up half of this video?

  3. Notice she doesn't model back of dress? She had her butt implants removed that's how she fit in the dress? Marilyn never had a butt like Kim's for sure, but they have one thing in common, they're attracted to homely men that's for sure!!

  4. ANNA…. please stop inviting the Kardashian sluts to the Meta Gala….. They NEVER follow the yearly theme. The Gilded Glamor years were from 1870-1900. Kim wore the Marilyn Monroe dress from 1962, Chris wore a dress similar to JFK's wife from a state dinner from 1962, and Kortney said "I honestly didn't really think about it" when asked about the theme and her outfit was a complete disaster. I won't even go into the disaster of Khloe's and Kylie Jenner's dresses.

  5. Hello upper East side! As you all know the Oscars of the fashion is set to be on the first Monday of May of every year and all eyes are on our girl Serena vanderwoodson well well well, little did you know, she shut down the Met before it even started

  6. They are all grotesque. I'm shocked at the people worshipping these megalomaniac egos. Kim Kardashian is the worst role model for young girls and young women. She looked like she was going to wet herself when she walked. The country is in devastating inflation and this display is absolutely the most disgusting display of Marie Antoinettes flaunting her famous line of "let them eat cake." And Hillary…OMG!