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  1. I just moved to Florida and am surprised to see that business formal is just dark trousers and a with or light blue shirt….no tie, no jacket…I’m confused and seem to be showing up at job interviews “overdressed”…help me understand this mess.

  2. I would like to propose a new topic for discussion: 

    The Cleavage Reciprocity Issue.


    If it's socially acceptable for women to expose their boobie cleavage with low cut dresses or blouses at cocktail parties, fancy restaurants and almost any place else… why can't we men do the same with our butt cleavage in the same places.

    'Nuther words…

    Why can't I walk into a fancy restaurant with linen table cloths, candle light and silverwere or a social event with my plumber butt crack showing…???

    Hummm…??? It ain't fair…!

  3. We live in Texas which tends to be quite casual. I know for job interviews it is proper to wear a suit. How about for a follow up interview in a dinner setting at a nice restaurant. Would a blue blazer and contrasting pants work in this situation? Or is a suit the way to go.

  4. I thought "semi-formal" means three-piece suit, while black tie is just "black tie", but maybe I'm wrong. And speaking of which, isn't a matching two-piece suit and tie traditionally called "informal"?

  5. Thank you so much for this. I've recently won an award which means a lot of formal events, and nearly each one has a different dress code. This has been so helpful.

  6. Thank you for breaking down stuff I really don't give 2 shits about. I have an event in the next few day and really didn't want to figure out what to wear. Your breakdown is fantastic.
    Bad thing is that I have to go get new clothes.

  7. I didn't get what's wrong with chinos in a casual setting… I thought they work for both casual and formal? You said they're getting ultra casual. Isn't the whole point of a casual dress code to look, well, casual?

  8. Thx a lot man. i have never hear about dress codes. Just going for the interview and friends told me business casual dress code. Thx very much for Your explaining. This video is simply and clear to understanding the dress codes.
    Thank You

  9. In México we have different definitions about those dress codes.

    There is "etiqueta" this is the highest dress code. Then we have Formal, Semiformal, Casual and Informal.

    But I think wear a suit on semi formal code is too much, to be honest I'm so confused…

  10. Hi I know this video's old but I'm 14 years old and I'm going to a meeting with a councillor I was going to wear a suit but I felt a bit overdressed what shall I do


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